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The demand for film locations wanted is on the rise and filmmakers, locations scouts, directors and producers need your property!

Our site is visited daily by location scouts seeking property. We are contacted continuously by those seeking locations from all over the planet who need film locations of all types.

Are you interested in generating income from your home, business or unique location?

Offer your property for television shows, indie and student films, documentaries, magazine articles, stock photography, music videos and more.

Film Locations Wanted provides a place for production and owners to meet and discuss the use and rental of property for a vast array of ventures.

Have fun getting involved in the film industry while making money. List your property on the site today to be reviewed by location personnel seeking venues worldwide.

They are looking for everything from old homes, vacant warehouses and historical venues to modern and unique private and commercial locations for their projects.

A location sets the tone for any film or photography project and your property might just be the backdrop they are looking for. List your property today and see you in the movies tomorrow.

  • To list your property on the web site, check out our tips section on how to create a location rental profile that gets reviews. Adding photos of your property and lots of description allows production to decide quickly in determining if your property will fit their needs.
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