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I listed my duplex property back in August of 2016 on Film Locations Wanted.

I have to say that it was the best decision that I have ever made.  Two separate Indie short film producers contacted me and I was booked for the following October and November.

One of the films is called Hush Hush, which is now getting numerous exposure in film festivals across the nation.

It is exciting seeing your own property on the screen.


When they arrived to scout the property, it was exactly what they were looking for.  They asked me if they can also use my large backyard for some of their scenes.  I agreed to it and my carport in my garage, which is used as a patio, was also included and it worked out perfectly for them to store their food and snacks for the cast and crew to just lounge and eat.

They were ecstatic that I gave them the freedom to use my whole property (front and back yards) because the previous listings they had booked flaked on them last minute.


The film crew that arrived was very professional and kept my place in tip-top shape.  Since the film was a dark comedy, fake blood was used all over some of the characters and living room floors.  The set designer was very careful and methodically applied the blood so as to not get any drops on my


furniture and floors.  These people really knew what they were doing!

As for me, it was exciting to just observe from behind the scenes and watch the whole thing unfold and form into this great work of art.  Several months later, I was invited to watch the screening of the short film and just felt honored to be there.  It was amazing to watch my property on the monitor.  In addition, the film was extremely funny with a twist of horror in it.  I still have contact with the two main guys that brought this project to fruition.  Check out Hush Hush on FB and “like” their page. Please check out my film location rental listing too.

See behind the scenes shots below for the short film “Hush Hush”




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