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Why Rent Your Property For Student Films?Rent home or busness Film Location Student Films

Owners ask us if they should consider renting their property to student filmmakers, producers and directors.

Working with film school students can offer more advantages than you might think. In addition to helping students learn how to make films, you’ll meet people working in the field, and work with students who may become famous.

Many famous people  went to film school including Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola and Spike Lee. They all had to start somewhere and in the beginning had to make a student film.

Our site is visited by location scouts and production personnel from all over the world looking for commercial and residential property location rentals. A growing number of users to our site are film students entering the production field.

If you are contacted as a potential location by film students, get the information on the project and if it will work for you as the owner, open your location to the possibilities and benefits.

It helps owners in a number of ways:

  1.  You are assisting future filmmakers with their school work and learning their craft.
  2.  If you are just entering the world of being a film friendly location venue for production, you as an owner will gain experience and you too will learn what to expect when production shoots at your location.
  3.  Student films most often have a budget, it may not be a large budget but it will generate income.
  4. Many student films are backed by the film school they attend and have insurance waivers.
  5. Students will spread the word to other film students about your location and potentially resulting in more production projects for your property.
  6. Some students go on to work with larger production companies and will most likely have you in mind when in need of a location that fits a project they may be involved in.
  7. Not only hosting Student films a good cause, it may get your property on the radar for larger production in the future.

So if contacted by a film student who is interested in using your location, we recommend you consider. It will be a learning experience for both of you and may launch your own career as a film friendly production location rental.

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  • How to list your property to include photos and details for location scouts (Scouts need to see photos and details of your property in order to determine if your location will fit the project. Create a profile that gives them everything they need to review and contact you as a potential location.)
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