Location Scouting Process

When listing your property as a location rental on our web site; keep in mind the basic requirements and responsibilities of location scouting personnel below.

Make it easy on the location scouts, be sure to display as many photos in your listing as possible, be sure to include as many details about your location and the surrounding area. The more information you can supply the better the chance of a location scout considering your property.

Location scouts are under time and budget constraints in many situations and if you help provide them with as much information and assistance as possible it can result in  your property getting considered as a potential locale. Let them know your location is good for their project by finding out what they need and how you can provide it.

Locations are needed for Television Series, documentaries, commercial photography projects, events, films and television commercials.

Basic Process of Location Scouting – Location Scouting Manager or Location Scout Responsibilities:


  • A Location Scout is hired to do the preliminary research of a location(s). They document and photograph location potentials’. Often the Location person begins work at pre-production and continues to be available during and after a production is completed.


  • Location personnel are generally the first to arrive on location and the last to leave a wrapped location assuring that the location(s) are returned back to original condition.


  • A location scout researches and presents options for shooting films, television series, commercials, and photography projects.


  • For example, a film will be shot in Hollywood and there is a scene with a number of guests are attending a party at a mansion. The location scout needs to locate a mansion or estate that fits the scene. The scout must look for a location which fits the visual as well as accommodate hundreds of people consisting of talent and production crew as well as arrange for the parking, security and equipment needs.


  • The Location Scout Manager begins with the Pre-production arrangements and will locate and present a number of options to be reviewed by production personnel and departments.


Location scouting is the process of seeking just the right location for a film, television, event or photography project. A location Scout Manager is engaged to research and record information for the potential locations and then will report back to location manager/ and or production staff.

Considerations and Responsibilities for a Location Scout/Manager: Location Scouting Process Basics


  • Location Scout/Manager will need to research and look into many of the logistics necessary for the production to be successful.


  • Location Scout/Manager works intimately with the director and production designer during pre-production to find and secure the location that best represents the creative visions of the project.  Once a location is reviewed and selected as a possibility, there will be a tour by all concerned to validate the appropriateness of the location(s). It is commonly referred to as a “go-see”.


  • Location Manager/Scout will research, document and take photos of potential locations for review.


  • Location Manager/Scout will negotiate the costs associated with the location(s).


  • Location personnel can be responsible for public relations at the location(s) before, during and after the project is completed.


  • Location Scout/Manager will secure corporation and agreed fees with any and all parties that will be involved with the productions ability to film at the location. Commonly referred to as “clearing the location”. This aspect involves confirming availability of the location, to negotiate and agree on the fees with the property owner(s), obtaining the certificates of insurance, distribute if needed “filming notices” in the immediate vicinity advising all concerned of the plans for filming. This is done to facilitate and address any details or potential issues that can arise.


  • Location Scouts/Managers need to be aware of and negotiate any and all fees associated with the production.


  • Location Scouts/Managers will apply for and obtain the necessary local permit costs and regulations for filming.


  • Location Scouts/Managers will consider and document local weather and lighting conditions indoors and or outdoors at the specific locations.


  • Location Scouts/Managers will review and arrange if needed the convenience for travel to other locations for crew, production services and talent.


  • Location Scouts/Managers research issues such as traffic in and around the location including flight paths, nearby businesses, construction work in the area, weather, and any other conditions that can affect the overall production.


  • Location Scouts/Managers may be responsible for arranging the storage of production equipment/vehicles between scenes.


  • Location Scouts/Managers usually arrange parking facilities for trucks, equipment, crew and talent.


  • Location Scouts/Managers arrange for temporary facilities for the talent, crew and where meals can be served during filming.


  • Location Scouts/Managers do often obtain the necessary security needed at the location(s) for crew and actors.


  • Location Scouts/Managers arrange for electrical power and generators for lights and equipment.


  • Location Scouts/Managers are generally available for the problem solving issues such as crowd control, obtaining permission and collaboration with property owners, neighbors, local film commission office, local government regulations and city laws.


  • Maintenance of the location(s) before, during and after production wraps

Depending on the size and type of project, there may be one location person or a number of personnel working on a single project. Staff can include Location Managers, Location Scouts and Location Assistants.


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