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Film Locations Wanted Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Movies and Television Shows are filmed all over the world all listings will be considered.
  • No fees or commissions, property owners negotiate directly with production personnel.

When posting your location or props, be sure to select the listing profile choice you want when placing your profile listing. Renting Your House For Movie Filming- Renting out your property for film and television projects is easy and offers you extra income. What is the cost to list my location or props?


FREE – 1 Month – No Image – $0.00 – Renew each month 1 Month $0.00
BRONZE – 6 Months – 3 Images 6 Months $25.00
SUPER SAVER – 3 Months- 3 Images 3 Months $15.00
GOLD – 1 year – 6 images 1 Year $35.00
PLATINUM – 1 year – 8 Images 1 Year $40.00
FEATURED – 1 year – 12 Images 50.00 1 Year $50.00

film location house

film location houseIf you have additional questions, need assistance with resizing or uploading photos, contact us and the staff will help you with your profile.

NOTE: On the first page where you set up your property details, you are offered a number of options from FREE or PAID LISTING.

Be sure to select one of the options before you enter the details of your property or props; by default the FREE option is selected.

If you want to display more photos or have a profile online for longer than 30 days at a time, you can select one of the paid options.

Frequently Asked Questions – Click On Questions Below For Answers Or Scroll Down Page To Read All Questions and Answers

Film Locations Wanted – Frequently Asked Questions


  • Step (1)REGISTER HERE FREE – You must register FIRST to List Your Location, Props – Home – Business – Unique Property For Filming, Events and Photography Projects to earn income as a location rental.
  • Step (2) – After you have registered, (FREE); Click on LIST A LOCATION – above – SIGN IN and fill out the form with information about your location or props available and select free or paid listing option.
  • Step (3) – Upload a minimum of one (1) photo of your location rental or props. Listings with no photo will NOT be approved. Upload a photo, then submit your information.
  • Step (4) – After you uploaded your photo, if you selected FREE you are done after you click submit button, if you selected a paid featured listing, you can pay for your listing after you have submitted your profile information.

What is FilmLocationsWanted.com?

FilmLocationsWanted.com is an online web site locations guide to filming, television, event and photography locations worldwide. FilmLocationsWanted.com also list props available including vehicles, antiques, and other unique and hard to find items.

Listing on our site includes locations wanted and location rentals are available for movies, photography shoots, events, filming TV commercials, and video production projects.

Our locations web site is divided into categories for locations available, props and locations wanted. FilmLocationsWanted.com is a great resource for scouting personnel, indie film producers and those seeking extra income to rent out their property locations.

FilmLocationsWanted.com does not contact you personally should your location be selected by a scout. Production crew view reviews locations listed on the web sites and contact owners personally should the location fit their needs. All negotiation is conducted by production company and owners.

FilmLocationsWanted.com does not select locations or contact owners for location selection, our purpose is to display rentals available. When you list on the web site , you are displaying property information and details of what you have available for production rental. In order for your location to be selected it must fit the requirements needed by the scouts seeking that perfect location for their project. By displaying your location for rent, there is no guarantee you location will be used, locations selected for production are based upon script needs.

What areas do you need location rentals?

All areas of the world are needed. From California to New York, Florida, and beyond. You can list property from anywhere, film and television projects are shot worldwide. Houses, beautiful beach locations, offices, businesses, parks, back yards, hotels, resorts, junkyards, airports, boats, rooms, alleys, streets, towns, airports, and everything in between. If you have ever watched a movie or television show, notice each scene, these are locations. Anything and everything in everyday life is a potential film location.

Why rent out your house, space or property for filming?

When your location is considered for a film, event, television or photography project, you can earn extra income. If your property is used, there may be revisits by the same production or new companies who have seen or heard about your property.

I have a special room in my house that would be great to shoot a scene or a photography project

We welcome all location rentals options, If you have a unique room or rooms, or want to offer your entire home, list it! Location scouts for all sorts of production work are seeking many types of locations from to shoot one or more scenes at the same location.

Photographers are seeking special “Backdrops or Backgrounds” for their projects too. You never know what will be needed for television, film, photography or event venues. Just provide a photo(s) in your listing and describe your special location rental offering to attract a scout for a “Go See”. For more information on the process of location scouting, read our article by clicking here.

I live in my house, can i still offer it as a location rental?

Yes. Many locations are occupied by owners. Locations rentals can be vacant or occupied. For more information on the process of location scouting, please read our article by clicking here to get yourself familiar on what is needed or how it works on a typical location for filming a large project.

A great resource for location scouts.

Use our web site as a free resource for locations wanted and guide to new locations being offered for rent. Our web site accepts all types of locations and unique from all over the world for both film photography projects and events offering location scouts the opportunity to contact the property owners directly.

Can I just email you pictures of my property to be considered as a film location?

NO, we do NOT accept emailed photos and introductions, all listings MUST be placed on our web site for viewing by location scouting and production personnel, nor does our staff create your listing for you. You MUST create your profile online with your contact information so scouts can contact you directly. Please contact us if you need support on how to upload photos or assistance with your listing. If you email your listing to us, it will be deleted. So if you want to be considered as a location listing, you MUST create your location/props profile online otherwise you will not be posted on FilmLocationsWanted.com

What kinds of property or props are acceptable for listing on FilmLocationsWanted.com?

We are looking for all types of locations and unique props worldwide. We accept commercial and residential property and prop offerings. Property can be listed from houses, office buildings, bars, schools, camps, lodges, airports, beauty salons, restaurants, warehouses, stores, beach homes, barns, car lots and any type of location you can imagine. Just turn on the TV or go see a film and pay attention to the various locations and props that are used. All types of properties and locations are needed.

How Much Does it Cost to Place my props or location Rental Listing on FilmLocationsWanted.com?

First time visitor?To place a location rental or display your props available, you must register first then log on to list your property FilmLocations@FilmLocationsWanted.com Our email for special requests, questions or additional assistance Contact us if you need assistance with your photo upload. There is a maximum file size allotment on photos and we will help you resize and upload should you need help. PRODUCTION PERSONNEL ARE BUSY AND OFTEN UNDER TIME CONSTRAINTS, SHOW THEM WHAT YOUR PROPERTY LOOKS LIKE IN ORDER TO BE

Do I need a photo of my property or props to list on this web site for film and television scouting?

YES, location scouts are seeking locations that fit the project. Location scouts are generally under time constraints and need to make the most of their time. If you do not have a photo of your property listed, then it is impossible to know if your location rental fits the bill.

So to be sure to get considered you MUST upload a minimum of one photo to your listing in order to provide location scouts and production personnel an idea of what you have available. Click here to read what location scouts and production personnel look for when seeking rentals. Read the process of location scouting and know what to expect and how to assist location scouts who are seeking venues for film, television and photography rental locations.

Do we have to pay a percentage to FilmLocationsWanted.com should my property be used as a result of my listing on the site?

We do NOT take any fees or percentages should your location be selected for a project. You will be working directly with the production personnel and negotiate your fees with them. We are simply a listing service displaying your property to those that seek locations.

How much money can be made if my property or props rentals are selected for use?

The rates for location rentals vary and are negotiated by you directly with the company who needs your property for their film, television, photography, or event project. A location scout will see your property profile listing, if it fits the requirements of a scene or project, they will contact you directly to negotiate a rental price to shoot.

There is no set price for a location rental, it depends on the budget of the production company and what you feel it is worth to rent them your location for a determined amount of time.

There is no guarantee that your location will be chosen;

Our web site is simply an avenue to set up your location profile for location scouts to view and consider your property or props for their projects including film, television and event venues. FilmLocationsWanted.com does not make any decisions or have any control on the rental of your property. All rates and prices are negotiated between you and the production personnel based upon your listing profile you set up on the web site. Production crew will contact you directly after they view your property profile on the web site; they will contact personally based upon the contact information you provide in your profile listing on this web site.

To increase your chances of getting used for a project, be sure to create a good ad to include photos, a complete description and any other information that will attract production personnel to your rental. The more time you take to properly display your rental the more you increase the chances of getting a contract.

What kind of property is acceptable for listing on FilmLocationsWanted.com?

Everything and anything is a potential film location. Film and television industry mimics real life situations as well as fantasy genre. No matter what your location type, it is a potential location. Props are also accepted and listed; perhaps you have old wagons, antique or vintage vehicles and clothing, unique furniture etc. All unique props will be considered for listing on our site.

I do not have any pictures of my property rentals or props.

We do not encourage you post your listing until you have photos. When users are seeking locations, photos are needed to get an idea of the property and items available. Listings with photos get more response than those that do not. Take photos of your property or props, let the production personnel see what you have available. Increase your chances of being used as a filming location. Your photos do not have to be professional, just clear and a good representation of what you are listing as a rental.

Featured Listing of Your Film or Prop Rentals on FilmLocationsWanted.com

How do I get my property listing the feature location pages? To get a feature location listing on additional pages of our web site, you must have a paid option and have created an attractive ad. All listing for featured pages must have photos and complete descriptions and contact information. All featured ad listings are subject to approval.

Listing options available for display for commercial or residential property or props on FilmLocationsWanted.com

NOTE: All ads and postings for locations wanted, props and location rentals are subject to approval.

Property listing options include: LOCATIONS WANTED If you are a location scout or production person seeking props or locations, your wanted listing and location search is FREE. Simply list your locations and props wanted needs by filing out a quick form. To review rentals is easy and includes the option to search listing by location, zip code, key terms and phrases. Click to list LOCATION WANTED

FREE LISTING PROFILE- LOCATION RENTALS AND PROP LISTINGS- 30 Days– 1 Image. The free location or prop listing allows you to list one photo, your contact information and description. Your ad will appear up to one year on our web site. Click to list PROPERTY RENTALS AND PROPS

BRONZE LISTING PROFILE- 6 months – 3 images– Your Bronze listing allows for up to 3 images of your property, a web site link, contact information and 4000 character description, on the web site. All featured ad listings are subject to approval. Click to list PROPERTY RENTALS AND PROPS

GOLD LISTING PROFILE- 1 year- 6 images– Your Gold listing allows for up to 6 images of your property, a web site link, contact information and 4000 character description and featured on home page and featured section of the web site. All featured ad listings are subject to approval. Click to list PROPERTY RENTALS AND PROPS

SUPER-SAVER LISTING PROFILE- 3 months – 3 images– Your Super-Saver listing allows for up to 3 images of your property, a web site link, contact information and 4000 character description on the web site. All featured ad listings are subject to approval. Click to list PROPERTY RENTALS AND PROPS

PLATINUM LISTING PROFILE- 1 year- 8 images– Your Platinum listing allows for up to 8 images of your property, a web site link, contact information and 4000 character description on the web site. All featured ad listings are subject to approval. Click to list PROPERTY RENTALS AND PROPS FEATURED LISTING PROFILE- 1 year- 12 images– Your Featured listing allows for up to 12 images of your property, a web site link, contact information and 4000 character description as well as featured in our featured section of the web site for one year. All featured ad listings are subject to approval. Click to list PROPERTY RENTALS AND PROPS How do I contact you in the event I have questions or need help? You can contact us anytime should you have questions or need additional assistance. To open a ticket, simply contact us via email at filmlocations@filmlocationswanted.com. A staff member will contact you immediately to assist with any issues or questions.

We have a LIVE chat option located at the upper right hand side of our web site. When a staff member is online, you can talk with them live for questions and help

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