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We welcome  feedback from our members regarding their experiences, suggestions and tips for owners seeking to rent their homes and businesses to production projects such as television commercials, film, event or photography rentals you can read tips from an owner who rents their property for production in New York.

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We are the owners of a stunning Artist’s Lake House Retreat in Lower Westchester County NY, – A film friendly Cape Cod Lake House on 1.3 acre property (just minutes outside of New York City)

We have rented out our lake house location to date about a half a dozen times for films, commercials, fashion photo shoots, parties and weddings.

Below is our rate card for film production and special event or photography projects. (but or course this applies to a lake house with stunning lake and forest views just minutes outside of New York City.)

Crew Size

1-15                         $3,500 per day

16-30                       $5,500 per day

31-45                       $8,500 per day

46-50                       $10,500 per day

60+                          $15,500 per day


We enjoying renting our house.  So far the crews have been VERY nice. No problems. But our property is unusual in that we have 1/2 acre of area for on property parking for 40+ cars, trucks motor-homes etc- so no neighbors to worry about. Another 1/2 acre is the house and 1/3 acre is an undeveloped area with woods.  (One film used our snow covered backyard with a view of the frozen lake to be RUSSIA.)

The best part is seeing our house in the finished product. In honesty it sometimes looks better in the film or photo than in real life-ha!  Props include: Several small boats that were used. But we offer them for no charge.

Tips or Suggestions: The three most important words in renting out property is flexibility, flexibility, FLEXIBILITY. We are open to most everything. Early start time- sure. Need to run late- sure. Need to paint this wall- sure. Just make sure there are no surprises-  make sure you and the crew are in total understanding BEFORE anything gets started.

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