Chicago, Illinois Film Movie Set Location Rental

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This 80-acre film location rental site is nestled in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Movie Set Location Type Rental. Production would be best advised that this location rental will not remain in it’s current state forever. This backdrop for production is 80 acres and 10 story vacant buildings in excellent shape. A hidden gem production venue. It is an era stopped in time. The buildings are complete with props in many of the rooms and areas down to the computers and furniture of the 70’s and 80’s.  Almost a ready made,  step on the set feel to this unique location rental.

Centrally located and close to the city yet all yours when it is time to shoot.  Question is. what CAN’T you use it for? The exterior of the property has a park like setting, tennis courts and woods. This location can server for many scenes in one convenient place, devoid of people and interruptions.

One building is an old Marriott hotel with lobbies, conference rooms, large commercial kitchens to 10 story office buildings and suites. This can film location can host large production projects to small television commercials.

Ideal Location: The front 10 story Building adjacent to Route 53 measures 364,000 sq. feet, with 411 guest rooms and 70-80 classrooms. The back/west building measures 407,000 sq. feet with 386 guest rooms and 80+ classrooms. As the conference center is a full service, multimedia facility with banquet rooms, restaurants, cafes, fitness center, indoor swimming Pool, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts.

The 80 acres consists of the following: 40 acres represent the 2 buildings, AT&T and Marriott, both totaling 20 acres, along with an additional 10 acres of land on each site. The wetlands to the Northwest total 10 acres, and the Runoff represents 10 acres heading to the southwest. West of the wetlands and runoff are approximately 17 acres of land adjacent to the City Golf Course.

The production opportunities are endless . . . all with support from the surrounding city and county officials and residents.

The 6200 S. Route 53, Woodridge Site first originated as The Bell System Center for Technical Training. AT&T opened its doors in 1968 to 953 students and by the end of 1974 the Center had a total of 8,044 students’ in one year. Throughout this time additional buildings were added to accommodate the growth in courses and students. By the end of 1977, 10,323 students were housed. The demand for additional space grew as more space was created expanding from buildings A through G.

In 1982 deregulation forced AT&T and Bell Companies to split up. The Front Building became AT&T and the West Building became Bell. The demise of the Training Center took place around 2007 due to the internet and digital technology coupled with the market crash. The Front Building has remained vacant since 2007, while the West Building was leased and subleased until 2012 and has remained vacant since.


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