Film Location Rental Tips For Owners


Film Location Rental Tips For Owners

Lloyd Harbor Mansion and Old Brookville Mansion – New York

We recently rented out our Old Brookville Mansion to a company that shot a Greek Cooking Show. There were a number of things I learned from that experience. First was to ask a lot of questions or provide them with a sheet for them to fill out the details so that the agreement was clear. Another was to check around the area to make sure nothing unexpected could happen. We had an incident because the house next door was being renovated on the exact day the shoot was taking place and we had to jump through hoops to resolve this issue.

In the end, I think what I learned the most is to look at the location you want to rent and decide what are its outstanding attributes to accommodate a production. In this case the kitchen is very large and so that makes shooting something in a kitchen easier for the production company. Other attributes are a nice size master bedroom again offering an easier shoot if that is part of what they need. The downstairs is very large and open which allows a movie company to transform that area into whatever it needs. And it has a beautiful staircase.

But you also need to think beyond that. What can you offer for the many things that come along with the production such as an editing area, equipment, wardrobe, hair and makeup, catering, and any meals. Not only did this production appreciate the large kitchen but the large expansive three car garage made it easier for them to load what they needed and provided an area for meals either there or downstairs which had a mini kitchen setup. The pool house created an area for wardrobe and the mini Salon was perfect for hair and makeup. While these are only a few of why this property would benefit a production company, there are many more options. So, in your effort to offer your place for a shoot take a look at every inch of it from the perspective of what a production company is looking for and be sure to list those attributes similar to how we did on our location listing.

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