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Wisconsin Twin Lakes Beautiful Film Location Rental

twin-lakes-wisconsin-home-filmingThank You Film Locations Wanted!

The cast a crew loved it here. They all asked how they could help promote me and write somewhere how much they enjoyed working with me.

My Daughter is also a freelance hair and makeup artist and did great work they loved her too. They had her doing all kinds of jobs when not needed for hair and makeup. The days are long but good.
Wisconsin Twin Lakes Beautiful Film Location Rental

Thanks for your help.
Best, Paula S.

West Virginia Film Locations


July 28, 2016


Pam Haynes, West Virginia Film Office


State Film Office releases showreel featuring West Virginia locations

Highlights film and television productions that have filmed in the Mountain State

VIDEO: West Virginia Film Office Showreel

CHARLESTON, West Virginia (July XX, 2016) – The West Virginia Film Office today released a showreel highlighting selected film and television productions filmed in the Mountain State. The showreel aims to showcase locations in West Virginia to business prospects as well as to encourage film-related tourism in the state.

“We’re excited to share these clips of West Virginia’s versatile landscapes used by filmmakers all over the nation, appearing on screens both big and small,” Commissioner of Tourism Amy Shuler Goodwin said. “We’ve seen a number of cities and towns around West Virginia directly benefit from film-related tourism because folks want to come see these amazing backdrops for themselves – it’s a great form of product placement.”

“Having this showreel to share with business prospects will provide another avenue for us to pitch West Virginia as a great location for film production,” West Virginia Film Office Director Pam Haynes said. “When productions film in West Virginia, it’s always important to emphasize that West Virginia labor is hired and the state’s business service providers are utilized before, during and after filming, creating a positive impact in local economies.”

One need only to look at Huntington for a film tourism success story. Nearly 300 bus tours have stopped in Huntington to visit locations used in the Warner Bros. feature “We Are Marshall,” which stars Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, David Straithairn, Anthony Mackie, Ian McShane, and Kata Mara.

“It’s amazing how much interest is still being shown for the ‘We Are Marshall’ tour,” Cabell-Huntington Convention & Visitors Bureau President, Tyson Compton, said. “Although the film is now ten years old, we still have requests for the tour, both from individuals and tour groups. In fact, we hosted a bus tour just last week. They were passing through Huntington but wanted to stop specifically for the tour.”

A more extensive filmography for West Virginia, including locations not included on the showreel, is available on the film office website at

The West Virginia Film Office is a section of the West Virginia Department of Commerce, Tourism Division. Follow the Film Office on or Twitter @wvfilm.

Renting Your Property As Film Location

Your profile is now complete and active as a location rental what’s next?how to post your house or business film location

What happens when you get inquiries?

Once you have listed your location on FLW, there are four ways a potential production member will contact you.

Email Form: Your location listing provides you with an online form that allows scouts to email you via the web site (Be sure that we are on your safe list and double check your junk folders from time to time to be sure no inquiries are missed.)

Telephone: A production scout may telephone you. If you provide a telephone number, and we highly recommend you do, you allow potential production and event renters to contact you fast.

Direct Email: Location scouts may email you directly; If you want to display your email address publicly, you are able to add that to the end of your property description.

Call the Office: Production company will call us for help specific location needs. We do help with suggestions, so important to let us know how you are doing and what productions you have hosted so we to know your property offerings.

  • All negotiations for the rental cost and so forth is strictly between the owner and production company. No fees are collected, no arrangements on behalf of production is conducted by EFM.
  • Please keep in mind, your profile is available to worldwide production who are actively seeking locations for various projects. Please answer them timely and professionally, this will insure they consider your location offering and perhaps tell others.
  • You never know when, who, where and what will be needed for a project so as long as you are offering your property as a location on the web site, please keep it updated and respond to correspondence.

If you have further questions about offering your home, business or property on the site, please contact us.

Listing Film Locations For Production

how to post your house or business film locationHow to get your property listed as a film location rental.

We receive a large number of owners sending us emails daily about interest in renting out their home or business as a film location rental. While we appreciate the emails, our response is always the same. If you want to have your property considered as a film, photography, event or rental for cast and crew, you need to list your location details on the web site location database. has a database of film locations available worldwide and owners are invited to list their property details and photos on the web site so production personnel can review for their projects.

Production and location scouts will read the details and view the photos of your location.  If the property fits their requirements they will contact you, the owner directly with questions, more information, the rate you will charge and/or set up an appointment to see the location.

So while we love to see all the unique location offerings coming to us via email directly, we cannot offer your location unless it is listed on the web site. And ANY type of location can be listed. You never know what location type is needed.

To list your property for consideration, we have a number of pages on how to set up a profile, a faq page and a blog.

If you are seriously interested in making money with your property please read those pages and create a great location rental profile that attract production.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

See you in the movies!

Locations! We need Film Location Rentals

List home business film location movies tv commercials events venuesLocations, locations, locations! We need film location rentals of all types and anywhere in the world. receives hundreds of inquiries daily seeking location rentals for film, photography and event projects.

Projects includes indie films, student films, television commercials, series of all sorts, music videos, crime reenactments, feature films, photography and everything in-between.

Film production representatives are looking for location venues to rent.

If you are wondering if your property can be used as a location rental, the answer is yes.

Locations wanted range from acreage, vacant and dilapidated property to estates, mansions, schools, grocery stores, hotels, bars, restaurants and so much more.

Any type of property can be a location consideration. If you have property of any sort and are interested in using it to generate income, list it for production companies to review when they are seeking rentals for a scene or project.

When owners list their property with details and photos, production personnel reviewing will see all your profile. If it is what they are seeking, you will get contacted for questions and perhaps a “go see” where they will set up a time to physically view the location.

Keep in mind the more you  describe what you have available the increased chances of getting rented out. Projection projects may be seeking a room, a kitchen, a numbers of rooms or areas and or the exterior to shoot. It just depends on what the scene(s) call for.

Production is constantly seeking location rentals and the list is endless for what they may need and the geographic requests are endless. List your location no matter what or where it is and generate income as a film location rental. Accepting everything imaginable from all over the globe.

List and create a profile of your home or business today and see you in the movies tomorrow.

List Your Location

How to create a listing instructions

Location Listing Tips

Film Location Rental Inquiries

List your film location rental home or businessOwners of location rental properties! Be SURE you check your email and make sure you have FilmLocationsWanted on your email safe list.

Many scouts and production personnel use our web site email form to inquire about your property after reviewing your location profile on the web site. If you don’t have us on your safe list, you could be missing out on production rental requests.

One suggestion to make sure you are getting the emails is to log on to your profile and send a test inquiry email directly from your location profile using your listed email address you set up on the site.

This will insure you are getting them. REMEMBER, production personnel send you an inquiry that includes their questions and contact information.

Secondly, remember, scouts and production personnel are under time constraints and are actively seeking to acquire a location for their project as soon as possible and to get considered, respond to them ASAP before they find someone else to host the project.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Film Locations Photo Tips

Do I need professional photos for my film location rental profile?Filming location tv films photography events

Professional photos are not necessary to list a location rental profile or for props. However, it is important to present your property with clear photos showing how as it looks currently.

When presenting photos, a good overview of the property and it’s rooms give a location scout a good overview if your location is what they need for the project.

Location rental photo tips:

Show photos of the front of your home, business or property
Show photos showing your backyard and or views from the property.
Show photos of the kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, entry way, and additional rooms and areas available.

When taking photos stand back and get as much of the room in the shot. This gives the location scout an idea of how large the room is, if it has other rooms attached, exits, terraces to show the layout of the room(s).

Display blurry photos on your profile
Display dark photos that are difficult to see the room(s)
Display people in your photos
Display closeups of art work and statues
Display tiny pictures on your profile that are difficult to see
Display photos that are outdated and no longer applicable to your property
When location scouts or production personnel are seeking a film, tv, photography or event location it may be for a portion of your home or business, you never know what they may need. So a good overview of photos and detailed description of the property is essential to present all the production possibilities.

Scouts may be seeking just the front of your home, the backyard, the kitchen, family room, bedrooms, offices, attics, abandoned buildings and more. To get the most out of your property, show it and describe it as detailed as possible on your profile listing.

We get inquiries for the entire home or business to just one or more rooms. Inquires include only a kitchen for a cooking show, a living room, dining room for a scene, to a basement or family room. Or businesses such as offices, medical facilities, restaurants and much more.

Professional photos are not necessary, just lit well, shots of the entire room(s) to include adjoining rooms and exits as well as the exterior back and front.

Our staff is available to help you get the most out of your profile, if you need assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact us.



Make money renting your property

Make money renting your property to film industry professionals. Worldwide location options are in our film production directory.

List your property available to rent for your next film/television projects by preparing a great rental online profile in or film production directory.



Below is information on how to list a film location and what detail you should include on your rental profile.

There’s a steady need for unique locations for film, TV, print jobs and events

FLW receives calls for all types of stock locations, and in addition to homes, houses, apartments, and lofts we get requests for shops, old abandoned buildings, offices, old broken down industrial complexes, warehouses, spooky locations, parking areas, hotels, resorts, and many more not so usual location type requests.

Everything and anything can be a potential location to shoot a project.


When offering your property as a film location describing your shooting location is the first step.

Below are ideas and tips to help you prepare the best way to market your property.

Location managers and production personnel are looking at your home or business for their production project via our online directory, provide them as many details as you can to interest production scouts and managers to want to scout the location if it fits what they are seeking.

Scouts can be seeking just a room, or a portion of the exterior of your location or the entire locale, so you need to describe it as detailed as possible in order to provide them with all the options you venue has to offer.

NOTE: Locations should only be posted the owner

  • Describe each and every room inside the property (this includes everything including bathrooms, kitchens, attic, basements, family rooms.) Give a rundown on all areas and include any unique features.
  • Include the square footage if applicable
  • Describe the ceiling height
  • Note if it is vacant or lived in
  • How many stories if a home or business
  • Include your parking availability on the property or street
  • Describe the exterior; detail your front and backyard. Do you have a garage, additional buildings, pool. Spa or driveway.
  • Do you have views and if so what?
  • What surrounds your property i.e. homes, forest, rivers and so on.
  • If you have old or unique properties, describe them in as much detail as you can think of.
  • Is there area for production crew to store of place equipment (If they need it)?
  • Are there hotels and dining options close by?
  • Do you have rooms for cast and crew to stay?


  • If you look at the listings created by owners in our production directory you will see how other they assemble their location for rent profiles.
  • You will also have the ability to see the how many times the location rental has been viewed. Notice that the listings with photos get the most action.

This is because scouts are interested in viewing photos and details so they can make a quick determination if your property fits their project needs.

Photos are very important and should display exactly as your property looks. Your photos do NOT have to be professional but they must be clear, well lit and show as much of your rooms  or property as possible.

Example: Photo of a bedroom should not be a picture of the bed. It needs to be the entire bedroom and take the photo at an angle to include any adjoining rooms or exits to the balcony or yard if available.

Do NOT include photos with people in them, do NOT display photos that are blurry or dark. Again, well lit and a good overview or your property inside and out will yield the best results.

DO include photos of kitchen, bedrooms, hallways, living room,  family rooms and anything else in the inside of your property.

For the exterior, have a photos of your property from the front and back at minimum. Photos from the street are best. The more you display the better chance of getting inquiries.

How much to charge.

Below is a link to an article answering this popular question owners ask about how much they should charge to rent out home or business for film shoots.

If you need assistance on creating a film location stock rental profile or have questions, please contact us. Our staff is here to help you get the best profile to generate location inquiries.







Make money renting your property to film industry professionals

Filmmakers are always looking for unique film locations to shoot

location rentals

How to Market Your Property

Movie Houses Renting Your Home for a Film Shoot

How Do I Rent My House for a Movie Set

The largest film locations company

Stock Locations list homes, houses, apartments, and lofts available to rent for your next film/television project

Still photography assignment, or special events

List private residences, vacation properties, or businesses for rent


Film Location Rentals Wanted

Rent Your Property For Productionfilm location house

The demand for film locations wanted is on the rise and filmmakers, locations scouts, directors and producers need your property!

Our site is visited daily by location scouts seeking property. We are contacted continuously by those seeking locations from all over the planet who need film locations of all types.

Are you interested in generating income from your home, business or unique location?

Offer your property for television shows, indie and student films, documentaries, magazine articles, stock photography, music videos and more.

Film Locations Wanted provides a place for production and owners to meet and discuss the use and rental of property for a vast array of ventures.

Have fun getting involved in the film industry while making money. List your property on the site today to be reviewed by location personnel seeking venues worldwide.

They are looking for everything from old homes, vacant warehouses and historical venues to modern and unique private and commercial locations for their projects.

A location sets the tone for any film or photography project and your property might just be the backdrop they are looking for. List your property today and see you in the movies tomorrow.

  • To list your property on the web site, check out our tips section on how to create a location rental profile that gets reviews. Adding photos of your property and lots of description allows production to decide quickly in determining if your property will fit their needs.

Film Students Seeking Location Rentals

Why Rent Your Property For Student Films?Rent home or busness Film Location Student Films

Owners ask us if they should consider renting their property to student filmmakers, producers and directors.

Working with film school students can offer more advantages than you might think. In addition to helping students learn how to make films, you’ll meet people working in the field, and work with students who may become famous.

Many famous people  went to film school including Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola and Spike Lee. They all had to start somewhere and in the beginning had to make a student film.

Our site is visited by location scouts and production personnel from all over the world looking for commercial and residential property location rentals. A growing number of users to our site are film students entering the production field.

If you are contacted as a potential location by film students, get the information on the project and if it will work for you as the owner, open your location to the possibilities and benefits.

It helps owners in a number of ways:

  1.  You are assisting future filmmakers with their school work and learning their craft.
  2.  If you are just entering the world of being a film friendly location venue for production, you as an owner will gain experience and you too will learn what to expect when production shoots at your location.
  3.  Student films most often have a budget, it may not be a large budget but it will generate income.
  4. Many student films are backed by the film school they attend and have insurance waivers.
  5. Students will spread the word to other film students about your location and potentially resulting in more production projects for your property.
  6. Some students go on to work with larger production companies and will most likely have you in mind when in need of a location that fits a project they may be involved in.
  7. Not only hosting Student films a good cause, it may get your property on the radar for larger production in the future.

So if contacted by a film student who is interested in using your location, we recommend you consider. It will be a learning experience for both of you and may launch your own career as a film friendly production location rental.

Film Locations Wanted website platform connects owners and production personnel with location venues. If you are interested in offering your property as a film, photography or event location rental anywhere in the world, create a profile. Click here for tips how to list your location so it get results.

  • How to list your property to include photos and details for location scouts (Scouts need to see photos and details of your property in order to determine if your location will fit the project. Create a profile that gives them everything they need to review and contact you as a potential location.)
  • If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback or questions, please feel free to contact us via email or contact us by phone 9am to 5pm (PST)


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