Seeking unusual locations for filming

Ever wonder about renting your property for film, photography or as an event venue? Have thoughts on how to generate some extra cash for your property by hosting production and location projects?

Production is always on the lookout for privately owned properties with unique interior and exterior venues. Any location is considered such as modern homes, apartment buildings and businesses of any era. Even old and dilapidated properties throughout the world are used.

unique house film location rentals

Production of television, film and photography personnel are on the lookout for new, interesting and unusual locations for their projects.

List your property in the directory

If you have a film location available and want to give it a try, list in in the directory. Scouts are always checking the directory for newly listed location offerings.

You can list your property COMPLIMENTARY with no photos, and LOTS of details. Or you can enhance the listing with photos for a small cost.

Film Locations Wanted is an online film location directory with properties being offered for rent by owners. The directory is reviewed by production companies from all parts of the world looking for a location(s). 

Locations of interest include old historical homes, modern homes with magnificent vistas, cabins in the woods, property that has a specific era style expanding to interesting rooms kitchens, basements and outdoor areas.

unique film location rentals

Film scouts always on the look out for privately owned homes, businesses and properties of any age or era, acreage with buildings in any condition such as abandoned or dilapidated structures.

Locations in the directory may or may not generate interest from filmmakers, it is always dependent of the scenes being shot or if the location matches the story line. This is why when showcasing your property in the directory should be rich in detailed information about the property.

Photos are incredibly powerful and provides location scouts instant access to the overall look and feel of your property.

modern homes

Regardless if you list with or without photos, include a vast description on your property for rent. Include everything you can think of including square footage, details of rooms, vacant or inhabited, any props or furniture style, kitchen details, exterior front and back as well as surrounding area of the property.

Include detatils of the era of the property, the furnishings, any additional buildings on property. The more details the better.

A production company when seeking a location, may be looking for a few rooms in a building to the entire location and surroundings. This is why it is important to describe your property fully.

old abandoned buildings

If a listing in the directory has no photos, it is even more important to describe the location as detailed as possible so you can generate interest and inquiries by production interested in using the location.

The staff at film locations wanted are available to help each owner get the best display as possible to generate interest in the location. All listings are reviewed before activation and are edited to get the property the best chances of getting traffic from those who need locations for films, tv shows, photography and events.

mountain house film location rentals

If you have any questions about listing your property in the location directory or need assistance with photos and descriptions, please call us and we will assist you.

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