My Duplex Listed As A Film Location Rental Los Angeles


I signed up with this site because I had always wanted to use my property as a film location.  Within two months of signing, I received a call from a local director who had worked with the Late Late Show and he was scouting for a location to shoot his Indie short film called Hush Hush.  When he and his writer arrived to see my home in Los Angeles, they were very pleased and we worked out our schedules.  We were ready to shoot right away.

The guys and their cast and crew of about 30 people showed up to the property along with very professional equipment.  I actually thought it was going to be a small production.  I was wrong.  It was a larger production that I expected!  I was amazed at how they transformed my “Airbnb” into a completely different house inside.  As Hush Hush is a dark comedy, there was fake blood everywhere but not a single drop landed anywhere on my floors or furniture.  They were so very careful and professional in the handling of my property.  I can tell that they knew what they were doing.  They put my mind at ease because I had only recently remodeled and renovated the house in order to list it as an Airbnb.  Blood, sweat and tears, and not to mention a lot of money, were spent on the house that I couldn’t help but baby it with caution.  The crew showed tremendous respect in making sure nothing was put out of place after the film was wrapped up on the last day.

The convenience the production crew had was the front of the house as they were able to park their large truck carrying all of their equipment and lighting.  Our street unfortunately is a one-sided parking, however, they didn’t need to use the street for any reason as they were able to use the front and the driveway at times during the shoot to park their vehicles.

The shooting was only for two days over a weekend and it lasted for a full day’s worth of shots each day.  I honestly was so excited to just be present behind-the-scenes since I’ve never been on any set before, and watching it all unfold before my eyes was just amazing to watch.  The magic of television!  The cast and crew were very grateful to use not only our backyard for their cemetery scene but also our patio which sits right next to our garage.  The patio was their lounging area and where they brought their catered food.  They said that our property exceeded their expectations beyond their imagination, and they revealed to me this on the day that I went to the first screening of the film.

craft services and lounging crew equipment

It turned out that the director and writer had initially found a property whose owner had agreed to allow them to shoot their short film there.  When the day of the shoot was soon approaching, the owner of the property backed out of the arrangement almost last minute.  Consequently, the shooting schedule was delayed by six months.  And anyone in show business knows that staying on schedule is very crucial to success.  Then after searching for another location, they stumbled upon my property that had been newly listed four months after their original location which was pulled away from them.  The rest is history.  In addition, they were making another short film simultaneously which coincidentally was being filmed just up the same street only a few blocks away.  Everything worked out in the end for everyone.

After the shoot, the cast and crew left my place in very good condition.  My experience with this site has been great and I am happy that I listed it here.  The staff at Film Locations Wanted is very helpful and I’m glad that I can be a part of this.  The property has been the talk of the neighborhood and has gained some fame through this and another short film.  I need to mention this:  There’s a certain amount of pride and elation to watch your own property which you have worked so hard to upkeep and be a good steward over.  It makes everything worth it.  And then followed by having your name in credits…!  That’s all I can say.

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