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Renting Your Property As Film Location

Your profile is now complete and active as a location rental what’s next?how to post your house or business film location

What happens when you get inquiries?

Once you have listed your location on FLW, there are four ways a potential production member will contact you.

Email Form: Your location listing provides you with an online form that allows scouts to email you via the web site (Be sure that we are on your safe list and double check your junk folders from time to time to be sure no inquiries are missed.)

Telephone: A production scout may telephone you. If you provide a telephone number, and we highly recommend you do, you allow potential production and event renters to contact you fast.

Direct Email: Location scouts may email you directly; If you want to display your email address publicly, you are able to add that to the end of your property description.

Call the Office: Production company will call us for help specific location needs. We do help with suggestions, so important to let us know how you are doing and what productions you have hosted so we to know your property offerings.

  • All negotiations for the rental cost and so forth is strictly between the owner and production company. No fees are collected, no arrangements on behalf of production is conducted by EFM.
  • Please keep in mind, your profile is available to worldwide production who are actively seeking locations for various projects. Please answer them timely and professionally, this will insure they consider your location offering and perhaps tell others.
  • You never know when, who, where and what will be needed for a project so as long as you are offering your property as a location on the web site, please keep it updated and respond to correspondence.

If you have further questions about offering your home, business or property on the site, please contact us.

Wisconsin Twin Lakes Beautiful Film Location Rental

twin-lakes-wisconsin-home-filmingThank You Film Locations Wanted!

The cast a crew loved it here. They all asked how they could help promote me and write somewhere how much they enjoyed working with me.

My Daughter is also a freelance hair and makeup artist and did great work they loved her too. They had her doing all kinds of jobs when not needed for hair and makeup. The days are long but good.
Wisconsin Twin Lakes Beautiful Film Location Rental

Thanks for your help.
Best, Paula S.

New York Film Location 1886 Victorian Manor & 1860 Cottage Allegany County

1886 Victorian Manor & 1860 Cottage 5 Acres Allegany County New York.New York Victorian Home film location rentals

If you are seeking a Victorian location rental for your next project and are going to need it in the New York area. Check out this versatile property on 5 acres. The owner has plans for the home and we asked her about her location rental offering and what surprises she has in store for this beautiful Victorian home.

This is the property in Western New York

Tvictorian homes for filming  in new yorkhe property is 75 miles from the Buffalo & Rochester airports [equidistant] and a 5 hr drive from both NYC and Philadelphia. It’s moments off of a major highway, but you’d never know it because you can’t see or hear the highway. Very quaint town and countryside, classic NY state with forests and fields. Very green in summer, very picturesque winters with some snow.

I recently purchased the property, so it’s currently unfurnished and needs some repairs– some flaking paint, utilities repaired, etc. but for a horror film with a honey-wagon and generator, it would be perfect.

Budget-friendly! I will work with productions on their budget. I’ve worked in film for 20 years, so I understand production needs, and in the members area of my website there are more photo galleries and local vendor lists for everything in that area from gear to crew and shopping.

In 2017 it will have been remodeled and back to Victorian glory, I’m completely remodeling the interior Masterpiece Theatre-style, and I have plans for a formal garden layout I’m hoping to do next summer.

Mexico Unique Film Location



Unique Homes in Mexico for your production, photography, events or a place to spice up your stay in Mexico


Sci-Fi mexico filming location fantasy

Houses designed from the pages of Sci-Fi fantasy films come to life. Former 3D visual effects designer for Mike Holmes show Holmes Make it Right is now designing  fantasy homes in Mexico. Architecture takes a crazy curve. With a background in 3D computer special effects in film and television, there is no shortage of ideas for fantasy homes. The Gaudi Bat Casa looks nothing like the normal straight lined walls of normal homes. It is a fun house, a mix of HR Giger meets Gaudi with hints of Dr. Seuss. Rude visualizes all the designs in 3D in the computer.


The Bat Casa shows it’s curve forms in a vertebra staircase winding up to a cavern loft.  A flowing serpentine aqua duct blends into the bathroom sink. Pods for kitchen cabinets and canal aqua ducts cascading down into a horse trough wooden kitchen sinks. The central beam of the house inspired  from the stamen of a flower.


The Bat Casa is also green and good to our environment. The ceiling is a mixture of volcanic cement, light weight and porous, keeping the house well insulated; a perfect temperature year round without heating or air conditioning. The entire house is outfitted with LED lighting, keeping electrical costs very low. The hot water for the house is all solar heated. Even the hot water for the Jacuzzi is recycled and heated thru glass solar tubes.

Mexico Film Location homes houses event venues

The giant trees of Cambodia were inspirational in designing the office workspace. With crawling vines holding up 2 computer monitors, to the glass table supported by branches. People who rent the house, love sleeping in the candlelit bedroom caverna. Your dreams and Imagination run free. The coffee table is the root system of a mesquite tree. We lifted it up off the ground, connected 2 ventricles to center, and extended the roots to hold the television, computer and projector with cement limbs.


You feel like you are entering into a magical mysterious world walking up the staircase bridge wrapped around the Jacuzzi. Plant like curved arches support the organic walkway to the first terrace.  It is like having a big 3D printer, but instead of moulded plastic, we use rebar, wire mesh and cement. The floors are towelled cement, coloured with acid and water base stains. Rude worked on all the colouring of the forms and floors. It is a natural process, made of a mixture of  . You colour with a feeling, not by a couple of paint swatches.


mexico fantasy homesIt was great fun designing 3D commercials and film effect;, However the work remained virtual in the computer. Rude says. Now designs are tangible. You can reach out and touch them, be surrounded by them. It is truly magical seeing designs come to life, from a bucket of cement and a crew of highly skilled workers sculpting the dream. All the forms in the house have been created using re-bar, wire mesh and different mixtures of cement.  Steven Rude has worked on 2 Harry Potter films for IMAX, many commercials and taught 3D design in India and China. But he says Designing Krazyhomes, full of curves, is the icing on the cake.  Living a curvy melting house would drive most people crazy, but it keeps me grounded and in check.
For details about using this very unique venue…. see more

West Virginia Film Locations


July 28, 2016


Pam Haynes, West Virginia Film Office


State Film Office releases showreel featuring West Virginia locations

Highlights film and television productions that have filmed in the Mountain State

VIDEO: West Virginia Film Office Showreel

CHARLESTON, West Virginia (July XX, 2016) – The West Virginia Film Office today released a showreel highlighting selected film and television productions filmed in the Mountain State. The showreel aims to showcase locations in West Virginia to business prospects as well as to encourage film-related tourism in the state.

“We’re excited to share these clips of West Virginia’s versatile landscapes used by filmmakers all over the nation, appearing on screens both big and small,” Commissioner of Tourism Amy Shuler Goodwin said. “We’ve seen a number of cities and towns around West Virginia directly benefit from film-related tourism because folks want to come see these amazing backdrops for themselves – it’s a great form of product placement.”

“Having this showreel to share with business prospects will provide another avenue for us to pitch West Virginia as a great location for film production,” West Virginia Film Office Director Pam Haynes said. “When productions film in West Virginia, it’s always important to emphasize that West Virginia labor is hired and the state’s business service providers are utilized before, during and after filming, creating a positive impact in local economies.”

One need only to look at Huntington for a film tourism success story. Nearly 300 bus tours have stopped in Huntington to visit locations used in the Warner Bros. feature “We Are Marshall,” which stars Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, David Straithairn, Anthony Mackie, Ian McShane, and Kata Mara.

“It’s amazing how much interest is still being shown for the ‘We Are Marshall’ tour,” Cabell-Huntington Convention & Visitors Bureau President, Tyson Compton, said. “Although the film is now ten years old, we still have requests for the tour, both from individuals and tour groups. In fact, we hosted a bus tour just last week. They were passing through Huntington but wanted to stop specifically for the tour.”

A more extensive filmography for West Virginia, including locations not included on the showreel, is available on the film office website at

The West Virginia Film Office is a section of the West Virginia Department of Commerce, Tourism Division. Follow the Film Office on or Twitter @wvfilm.

Listing Film Locations For Production

how to post your house or business film locationHow to get your property listed as a film location rental.

We receive a large number of owners sending us emails daily about interest in renting out their home or business as a film location rental. While we appreciate the emails, our response is always the same. If you want to have your property considered as a film, photography, event or rental for cast and crew, you need to list your location details on the web site location database. has a database of film locations available worldwide and owners are invited to list their property details and photos on the web site so production personnel can review for their projects.

Production and location scouts will read the details and view the photos of your location.  If the property fits their requirements they will contact you, the owner directly with questions, more information, the rate you will charge and/or set up an appointment to see the location.

So while we love to see all the unique location offerings coming to us via email directly, we cannot offer your location unless it is listed on the web site. And ANY type of location can be listed. You never know what location type is needed.

To list your property for consideration, we have a number of pages on how to set up a profile, a faq page and a blog.

If you are seriously interested in making money with your property please read those pages and create a great location rental profile that attract production.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

See you in the movies!

Location Scouting for Your Film

Location Scouting for Your Film
Author: John Montana

So you have a script and a budget and a crew and you want to make a movie!!! That is awesome…good for you. Before you do anything tho, you need to have your set and your locations locked down and ready. Because actually…this should be one of the first things you do when you are in pre-production. Where you shoot your film is so incredibly important… that I cannot stress how important it is that you get these first. Because you and your crew will sit around needlessly for days, while you are out looking for locations. And for me, location scouting is a very enjoyable experience, as it allows me to visualize my film or scene in each possible place that I research. Because in my opinion, if you have a great location, then most of the work is already done for you. The world of your film is there in full color when you find the right spot.

One of the first people you should bring onto your project is the UPM – Unit Production Manager. Or a location scout. On many small budget films, these two just aren’t in the budget. And you have to do the leg work yourself. No worries…I do this all the time, as my budgets are very small. But if you have some extra money in your budget, then these two people can help you tremendously. Because they will go out and investigate the sites for you, while you work on other things. And when they have a dozen or so places, then you will go with them and see if these locations are what you are looking for. Unless you have gotten a green light from a major studio…then you will have a studio lot and a bunch of carpenters that will build you the perfect location. But for most of us, we have to go hunting.

Here are several ideas about getting the perfect location for your film, and at the same time save some money for other important things for your shoot.

1. Rent A Furnished House or Set – Many first time filmmakers don’t know about this option, because it is usually very expensive. And it is often used by those studios I referred to earlier. But if you do some number crunching, it is sometimes worth your while. Because what you are doing is renting an entire home that is already furnished. There are many homes here in L.A. that are set up for this very reason. I once shot a commercial in South Pasadena in an entire huge home with a back yard. I remember hearing that the cost was about $4500/day. But this house accommodated a 30-person crew along with 8-12 actors. So when you go this route, you have many rooms in which to set up in. One or two to shoot in, and the rest for your crew to work and setup in. Like a place for everyone to eat together. If you have the budget, then this is something you should consider, as it simplifies the entire process. And ultimately allows you to concentrate on filming.

2. Pull A Favor – Many first time filmmakers have scripts that take place in a home or garage. And what they do because they have no money, is just shoot in their own house, or their parents house or a friend’s house. This is done all the time, as the primary goal is to just get the film in the can. This approach is not ideal…as most of the time, you the director have to settle for less than what you want or envision for your story. But most of the time, this will be fine, as the story doesn’t hang on a very specific home…just a home that looks lived in.

3. Be Location Specific – My most recent film took place in a used clothing store, because my vision of the story took place in an extremely old store. The lead woman was hundreds of years old, not that it showed on film. So I went looking for the perfect location. I ultimately found a beautiful little shop called Helping Hand Thrift Shop on South Fairfax Avenue. It is this amazing location that is filled to the brim with old used furniture and clothes and knick-knacks. It was so jam-packed with stuff, that sometimes it actually hindered my shoot…because there was no room to maneuver. But this shop was absolutely perfect for my shoot, no matter the drawbacks. Because it was all on screen, and it looked just terrific. Please take your time and really go out and find the perfect place. They are really out there waiting to be discovered. And most of the time, these locations won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

In conclusion, finding the perfect location is essential for any film director. If you want to create a realistic world that your story and characters live in, then it needs to look real. Not fake or cheap or carelessly thrown together. Because your audience will know immediately!! They will either be drawn into your film because the set looks beautiful and supports the story. Or they will be bored stiff because the film “just looks weird”. So be thoughtful and thorough when location scouting. You will very happy you did.

process of film location rentals

About The Author:
John Montana is an actor living with his wife in L.A. and has begun to make short films on demand. His most recent film, “Hungry” has been accepted into 24 film festivals all over the world. Check out his short film – HUNGRY at No Title Production Films.

Locations! We need Film Location Rentals

List home business film location movies tv commercials events venuesLocations, locations, locations! We need film location rentals of all types and anywhere in the world. receives hundreds of inquiries daily seeking location rentals for film, photography and event projects.

Projects includes indie films, student films, television commercials, series of all sorts, music videos, crime reenactments, feature films, photography and everything in-between.

Film production representatives are looking for location venues to rent.

If you are wondering if your property can be used as a location rental, the answer is yes.

Locations wanted range from acreage, vacant and dilapidated property to estates, mansions, schools, grocery stores, hotels, bars, restaurants and so much more.

Any type of property can be a location consideration. If you have property of any sort and are interested in using it to generate income, list it for production companies to review when they are seeking rentals for a scene or project.

When owners list their property with details and photos, production personnel reviewing will see all your profile. If it is what they are seeking, you will get contacted for questions and perhaps a “go see” where they will set up a time to physically view the location.

Keep in mind the more you  describe what you have available the increased chances of getting rented out. Projection projects may be seeking a room, a kitchen, a numbers of rooms or areas and or the exterior to shoot. It just depends on what the scene(s) call for.

Production is constantly seeking location rentals and the list is endless for what they may need and the geographic requests are endless. List your location no matter what or where it is and generate income as a film location rental. Accepting everything imaginable from all over the globe.

List and create a profile of your home or business today and see you in the movies tomorrow.

List Your Location

How to create a listing instructions

Location Listing Tips

Offer Home Business Film Location Rental

List home business film location movies tv commercials events venuesHow to create the best possible profile listing for a home or business film location rental.

We receive numerous calls from owners worldwide asking what they should add to their location profile to attract production personnel to their property.

Below are tips and suggestions for listing your home or business as a filming, photography or event location rental.


  • Add photos: The more recent photos of the interior and exterior of your property, the additional chances of being considered for projects. Location scouts prefer to see photos in order to determine quickly if the location will fit their needs.Owners need to keep in mind that production personnel are seeking rooms and or the entire property depending on what scenes are they need to shoot.


    Perhaps they are looking for a kitchen for a cooking show or they need a living room and bedroom with an attached bathroom. Or they want a family room and living room as well as an entrance way with a staircase. For the exterior, production may need just the front of the home, a circular driveway or pool for a photography shoot. The best way to create a profile is to take clear photos of rooms and get as much of the area as possible in your photo. This goes for the exterior back and front to present an overview of your property.


  • List your property for a minimum of one year: The longer you list your property the better your chances. We suggest you list a location rental for a minimum of one year. This allows your property to get the best exposure possible. A scout may see your property for a project they are working on but it currently not appropriate, but for their next project, they may remember your listing and bookmark to return to contact you.


    There are have been many occasions when a scout is collecting locations available to show to production personnel in a meeting. We have numerous inquires where the scout will call the office asking where is a specific property they saw last month but is no longer listed.And finally, our staff peruses location listings and will select properties to promote to our film community. The first criteria for promoting properties are that are listed for a year to be sure that it gets out and is still available for a length of time on the web site.


  • Include LOTS of details: The second section of your profile needs to have extensive details of the property you are offering. Describe how many rooms you have and what they are. The square footage of the home or business. Any unique rooms or buildings on the property.  Again keep in mind that production is seeking all or part of your property for a project. If you need ideas, simply turn on a television show or movie and look at the scenes that are being used in what you are watching.

  • Add dependable contact information: Production is generally on time constraints and needs to lock down locations fast. Your profile offers phone number, email and allows for additional contact information in the details section of your location listing. Once your property is of interest, location scouts will email using our online form, telephone you or email directly. You need to provide contact information that insures they can readily reach you. If you are hard to contact, production will go somewhere else for their location. Often, production contacts many location rental possibilities all at once and the owners that get back to them in a timely manner are the ones that get the project.

  • Be SURE you have on your email safe list: Many scouts use our online contact form, this email goes directly to you as the owner. To insure you are receiving the email check to make sure you are receiving this form in your email. The location inquiry form will come from and will include in the body of the email the inquiry details and the contact information of the production person who has interest in your property.

  • Provide a phone number(s): Your listing offers a telephone number(s) in order for scouts to call to reach you. Whenever possible, include a telephone number(s) that gets answered. If you leave it up to a machine, you may not get a message, just a hang up as they go to the next location with a person answering the phone.

  • Fill out all the details requested on the setup form: Be sure that all fields are filled out in the area asking about your property. Details, contact, state, city, what projects you will consider and any other information the form supplies.When adding a price, it is suggested that this is the only area you leave BLANK unless you will not negotiate a rate. Production has a budget for everything associated with the project and that includes locations. We suggest you leave this area blank and work with production personnel on the cost of your rental for the duration of the project. Example: A production may only need your property for a few hours to much longer. It is best to get the details of the project and then talk to them about rental price.

  • Let us know when you get a project: When you get projects, we suggest you let us know so we can promote your property on the web site. When owners contact us with the details of a shoot they hosted, our staff will promote and do a write-up with additional links to your listing.This helps promote to scouts to let them know you have worked with production and will review your property for additional projects.


    Additionally, we will send the information out to those that are interested in properties that have experience working with production. When you get a project, email us with the details and once we have the information, our staff will send out in a press release format. Take advantage of this free promotion, by letting us know how it went.


    Your profile is important and is the first impression a location scout will see when reviewing your location rental, so make it the best you possibly can. attracts 200 to 500 users a day, so create an accurate and detailed overview of the property, and allow them to reach you easily to increase your chances of getting the project.


If you need assistance or have additional questions, the staff at is available to help, our goal is to help you be successful as a location rental offering. You can contact us via email or telephone.

Film Location Rental Inquiries

List your film location rental home or businessOwners of location rental properties! Be SURE you check your email and make sure you have FilmLocationsWanted on your email safe list.

Many scouts and production personnel use our web site email form to inquire about your property after reviewing your location profile on the web site. If you don’t have us on your safe list, you could be missing out on production rental requests.

One suggestion to make sure you are getting the emails is to log on to your profile and send a test inquiry email directly from your location profile using your listed email address you set up on the site.

This will insure you are getting them. REMEMBER, production personnel send you an inquiry that includes their questions and contact information.

Secondly, remember, scouts and production personnel are under time constraints and are actively seeking to acquire a location for their project as soon as possible and to get considered, respond to them ASAP before they find someone else to host the project.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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