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Letter From The Director : Imago Writer Director Actor Peter Mastne
Contact Paula Soderman
: Kenosha County Town Of Randall, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, USA

This property on 118th Street has to be the most amazing sets for film I have ever experienced!! As I went from one room to the next it was a new world in every room and with the endless possibilities of ideas that each scenery provided with me as an artist it motives and inspires one to be creative.

There’s a mood in every room and an adventure with every step of the house and before you leave it’s so hard to say goodbye. The hospitality alone at this property by its owners Paula & Dave Soderman with give you the reason to want to come back.

They are amazing hosts!! I would recommend this property to any director who’s looking to create a phenomenal film because of its extravagant scenery, its exquisite structure and it’s magnificent beauty. I’m not only going back to film I’m also going back just to visit because I may not be able to wait that long!! Go see for yourself and you might want to take your equipment with you for……….LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!!!……MOE PULL

I’ve had the pleasure of using this location twice now, once as an actor and once as a Director/Producer. I’ve filmed a short film and a Feature Film here and this is my honest experience.


1) First of all, the location is beautiful. The house is not only spacious, but beautifully and tastefully decorated. The number & variety of locations just within the house allows for ample scenes in multiple locations to be shot. The exteriors are gorgeous too, with a cinematic vibe that plays really well on camera. Whether it’s the evergreen-shaded driveway, the large, sunlit field in the back, the pool that lights at night or the back porch that gives off a ‘summertime-margaritas’ vibe, this location is second to none.

2) Even without the location, the Sodermans alone are worth the experience. Not only do they cater to your every need, they have a knack for seeing needs before they arise and quietly taking care of them.

Paula is an amazing cook and host–she treats everyone like they’re family–but she didn’t stop there. She has a lot of connections in the area and helped us find some great locations that upped the production value of our movie. She treated us all, cast and crew, like her own family and every single person in my team commented on what an amazing hostess she was.

Lauren is a professional make-up artist who understands on-camera make-up and as an assistant director, she’s up there with anyone else in the business. She’s a fast-learner, extremely hard-working, and does it all with a pretty smile and infectious laugh that helps to relieve stressful situations.

Dave is happy to help whenever he can and will jump in with anything you need, especially technical or mechanical issues.

Their older daughter Kristine doesn’t live there but she visited set several times and ended up being a part of our production. She’s a talented graphic designer & on-set photographer (think movie posters, promos, teasers, etc) but she also surprised me with her ability to script supervise, PA and even grip. She has an eye for detail, a sweet, caring nature, and is a real gem in every sense of the word.

I cannot count the amount of times that the Soderman family jumped in to help out when we needed it or saved our asses when things went wrong, as they inevitably do in film making. Our movie would not have been possible without everything this family did for us and I was blown away by the service, help and accommodation.

If you’re considering this location for your production, stop searching. You’ve found it. Nothing else will even come close to the experience this family will provide.
Imago Writer Director Actor Peter Mastne

It’s a story about sex trafficking.  You can see more information about the movie here:

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