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Make money renting your property to film industry professionals. Worldwide location options are in our film production directory.

List your property available to rent for your next film/television projects by preparing a great rental online profile in or film production directory.



Below is information on how to list a film location and what detail you should include on your rental profile.

There’s a steady need for unique locations for film, TV, print jobs and events

FLW receives calls for all types of stock locations, and in addition to homes, houses, apartments, and lofts we get requests for shops, old abandoned buildings, offices, old broken down industrial complexes, warehouses, spooky locations, parking areas, hotels, resorts, and many more not so usual location type requests.

Everything and anything can be a potential location to shoot a project.


When offering your property as a film location describing your shooting location is the first step.

Below are ideas and tips to help you prepare the best way to market your property.

Location managers and production personnel are looking at your home or business for their production project via our online directory, provide them as many details as you can to interest production scouts and managers to want to scout the location if it fits what they are seeking.

Scouts can be seeking just a room, or a portion of the exterior of your location or the entire locale, so you need to describe it as detailed as possible in order to provide them with all the options you venue has to offer.

NOTE: Locations should only be posted the owner

  • Describe each and every room inside the property (this includes everything including bathrooms, kitchens, attic, basements, family rooms.) Give a rundown on all areas and include any unique features.
  • Include the square footage if applicable
  • Describe the ceiling height
  • Note if it is vacant or lived in
  • How many stories if a home or business
  • Include your parking availability on the property or street
  • Describe the exterior; detail your front and backyard. Do you have a garage, additional buildings, pool. Spa or driveway.
  • Do you have views and if so what?
  • What surrounds your property i.e. homes, forest, rivers and so on.
  • If you have old or unique properties, describe them in as much detail as you can think of.
  • Is there area for production crew to store of place equipment (If they need it)?
  • Are there hotels and dining options close by?
  • Do you have rooms for cast and crew to stay?


  • If you look at the listings created by owners in our production directory you will see how other they assemble their location for rent profiles.
  • You will also have the ability to see the how many times the location rental has been viewed. Notice that the listings with photos get the most action.

This is because scouts are interested in viewing photos and details so they can make a quick determination if your property fits their project needs.

Photos are very important and should display exactly as your property looks. Your photos do NOT have to be professional but they must be clear, well lit and show as much of your rooms  or property as possible.

Example: Photo of a bedroom should not be a picture of the bed. It needs to be the entire bedroom and take the photo at an angle to include any adjoining rooms or exits to the balcony or yard if available.

Do NOT include photos with people in them, do NOT display photos that are blurry or dark. Again, well lit and a good overview or your property inside and out will yield the best results.

DO include photos of kitchen, bedrooms, hallways, living room,  family rooms and anything else in the inside of your property.

For the exterior, have a photos of your property from the front and back at minimum. Photos from the street are best. The more you display the better chance of getting inquiries.

How much to charge.

Below is a link to an article answering this popular question owners ask about how much they should charge to rent out home or business for film shoots.

If you need assistance on creating a film location stock rental profile or have questions, please contact us. Our staff is here to help you get the best profile to generate location inquiries.







Make money renting your property to film industry professionals

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