N. Carolina Hare Farm


Looking for a Tennessee mountain location or accommodations in N. Carolina at the Tennessee border?  Consider, Tom Hare’s 1903 Hot Springs 98 acre farmhouse.

old farm house mountains

A historical old mountain farm. Restored and later added a vacation cabin rental that can be used for crew quarters. 98 acres with a creek, old buildings and more. The notable film “The Hunger Games” was shot over the mountain from our property. Read more details on this film friendly location in the heart of the mountains.

Some of the location use possibilities:

Main Cabin 1903 Chestnut built house
Modern vacation rental for production crew/staff
Loft bedrooms with lots of light
Vintage antiques for prop use
1940 Ford Coupe and 1930 Chevy roadster pickup for prop use
Old buildings
Historical restorations have been added to the property.
Low covered wooden porch the enters you into a kitchen with vintage items including a 1930’s pea green and cream appliances, The green porcelain-over-steel kitchen sink and vintage kitchen Utensils and accessories.
Large family style kitchen table
Main living room and a sitting area
Round Oak wood-burning stove
A claw-foot tub in a small bathroom with lots of natural light.
Main bedroom and walls of the chestnut were brought inside from the outside

Also available is another 89 acre farm next door with 1903 Chestnut farm house brought back to the 1930s and 1940s


Article and YouTube Video Showing more backdrop options:

North Carolina cabin with Tennessee mountain film location

Tom Hare’s 1903 Hot Springs cabin holds reminders of the hardships facing settlers in the Western North Carolina mountains when there was no electricity or indoor running water.

“I bought an old mountain farm in 2002,” Hare said, “and later put a vacation cabin rental on the property. After getting that job done, I turned my attention to one of the old buildings that was near the rental. The building was wrapped in brick-patterned tarpaper and the windows were boarded up, so it was hard to tell what it was supposed to be.”

Article Read More on the Home of the Week: Restored mountain cabin a reminder of early 1900s life

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