Rented my New Jersey Home for Movies!

I Rented my New Jersey Home for Movie and Television Commercial!

New Jersey Home Film Location RentalAfter the staff at Film Locations Wanted helped me set up my property location profile as a filming location rental, we got to work on 2 projects.  One shooting was in the mid of summer, and the other one at the end of summer.  We enjoyed the whole experience very much. The first project was for a feature film with a lot of younger actors & actresses.

Some of the actresses had to stay over.  We were happy that we were able to accommodate them and opened one of the big rooms for them to stay over.  Some of them came with parents for the day, and we provided a room where they could sit, wait, nap, snack and relax.

They told me that they loved the fact that we have so many rooms in our house for them to shoot, and for the filming crews to rest comfortably during the breaks. For the first project, most of the scenes were shot in the family and dining rooms.  A few scenes were shot in our office, foyer, different hallways of the house and even in our garden and backyard.  Our family got to also be in a background, (for maybe 2 seconds!!!), when they shot a ‘park’ scene in our backyard.
House in new jersey filming location rentalOne of the main actresses of this project loved sitting in our front lawn, enjoying the cool breeze and the open land.  The whole crew spent 3-4 days at our place, and may come back to finish up once the weather is warmer.

The second project was for a TV show.  It was a one day shooting and they did the shooting in different  teams and in different locations.  They first unloaded all their equipment in our 3-car garage and made it their equipment center for the day. They used one of our bedrooms, both of our dining rooms, and the sitting area by the fireplace.

It was a beautiful day, and my husband told me that it was so fun to see how much everyone enjoyed and complemented on our resort-like patio and backyard because as soon as they got to take a break, they would all zoom out to the patio and enjoy sitting outside. Large kitchen film location

We arranged a lot of sitting areas so everyone could enjoy. Too bad they did not have time to enjoy the outdoor fire-pit in the evenings. I had very good experiences with both firms. They were very nice, professional, and respectful.  They finished working on time as they told us.

They cleaned up and put everything back nicely for us before they left our house.  In summary they respected the house as they had promised. Some of the comments from both firms were that there were lots of rooms in our house where people could wait, relax, calm down, and even to arrange equipment and to shoot.

Both firms were appreciative for our assistance and our willingness to help when needed.  They said they would like to come back since they are many more rooms, and spaces that they could use.  I am looking forward to host more filming projects. Thank you for all your help.

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