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California, USA
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Wrightwood BnB - Versatile location for filming, crew housing, and live events. Wrightwood BnB stands out as an excellent location for filming due to its diverse array of features. The property's close proximity to Los Angeles provides easy access for film crews and equipment. With over 2 acres of usable space, the venue offers ample room for various scenes and setups. The full house, including a basement speak-easy event space, provides a range of backdrops for different filming needs. The on-site lodging allows for convenient accommodation for cast and crew, while the 24/7 staff ensures continuous support during filming schedules. Furthermore, the property's strong WiFi and experienced location management contribute to a seamless production process. All these aspects combined with reasonable rates make Wrightwood BnB an ideal choice for filming projects of any scale.

Wrightwood BnB stands out as a filming location due to its unique positioning in the high desert area, offering a distinctive filming experience. The property's proximity to the high desert introduces filmmakers to a rugged and arid landscape, distinct from traditional desert settings. Moreover, the presence of unique Joshua trees further enhances the visual appeal and authenticity of desert scenes. With dual access to the neighboring high-desert property, filmmakers have the opportunity to seamlessly transition between different terrains, creating a diverse and dynamic backdrop for their projects. This dual access not only provides convenient logistics for filming but also allows for a broader range of creative possibilities, enabling filmmakers to capture a variety of desert landscapes within the same vicinity. Wrightwood BnB's access to the high desert and Joshua trees offers a rare opportunity for filmmakers to showcase the beauty and rugged charm of this unique environment in their productions.

Our property is completely gated and noise restrictions are minimal, making nighttime and early morning work easy to accommodate. We have a fully paved driveway and back lot, as well as three lower lots that lend to more versatile outdoor scapes/scenes. Additionally, owner/operator Dee Burdett-Stalding provides full on-site location management and brings 20+ years of live event production and location production coordination services. We are also just a short distance from ski lifts, a lake, both mountain and desert landscapes - but also, only about an hour and 15-30min from Los Angeles.
We sit on over 2 acres of land with 3 different lots available for parking. We can accommodate production trucks and trailers as well. Separate lot rental available, as well.
  • Makeup Area
  • Equipment Storage
  • Crew or Staff Accommodations
  • Place for Craft Services
  • Eating Area
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Props
  • Electricity
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Driveway
  • Office
  • Hallways
  • Lake Nearby
  • Views
  • Porch
  • Stairs
  • Large Kitchen
  • Kitchen w/Island
  • Pantry
  • Walk in Pantry
  • Kennels
  • Commercial Project
  • Corporate Parties
  • Documentaries
  • Event Venues
  • Feature Films
  • Film Shorts
  • Independent Films
  • Music Videos
  • Performing Arts
  • Photography Projects
  • Private Parties
  • Reality Shows
  • Student Films
  • Television Commercials
  • Television Series
  • Television Shows
  • Training/Industrial Videos
  • Web Series
  • Weddings
commercial projects, corporate parties and retreats, documentaries, live events, events, feature films, film shorts, tv, indy film, music video, performing arts, reality shows, private parties, student films.

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All Filming Location Rentals are listed by owners,  if interested in a property,  contact the home or business owners via email, telephone if provided, or by clicking on the contact link on the property details page.

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