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Rent out your propertly as a film location rental. Worldwide venues needed everyday.

Film Locations are located all over the planet and can be any type of property or destination.

For instance the popular television show “Survivor” was shot in the South Pacific Cook Islands of Aitutaki. This beautiful location is perfect because it consists of hundIslands for television shows filmingreds of islands, inlets, lagoons and atolls, has a few resort accommodations for the crew and is magnificent locale with very few people.

The Polynesian islands are not easy to access but are perfect for the shows’ purpose of stranding contestants in the middle of a virtually unpopulated picture perfect island paradise.

The Cook Islands are a popular location shooting venue. There are a number of TV shows and films who have used these South Pacific islands including: Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands and a segment of Survivorman.

When considering listing your property as a potential shooting location, keep in mind that any type of location can be needed anywhere in the world.

If in doubt about the versatile need for all types of locations, simply watch a few movies and television shows and note how many locations’ are comprised for the story to flow.

Restaurants, salons, airports, alleys, houses, acreage, rooftops, office buildings, abandoned buildings, apartments and more are used in the film and television industry daily.

Even television commercials need specific locations to shoot depending on the script.

The needs for locations open numerous opportunities’ to generate additional income by renting out your unique location. To get considered by production personnel, you need to market your property by taking good photos and detailing all the information you can about your venue. is a perfect place to create a profile to display to those seeking locations worldwide. It is fast, free and easy.

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