Fences for Reducing Road Noise

Fences for Reducing Road Noise

Fences for Reducing Road Noise

Living near the freeway or interstate can be great for convenient access to the main roadways; however, this also comes with some drawbacks. Among the ways you can deal with higher noise levels, fences have proven to be quite effective when it comes to reducing road noise.

So let’s walk through some of the options available for noise-reducing fences, including how they work and how effective they may be.

1.  Mass Loaded Vinyl

This is one of the most effective types of noise-reducing fences. Made out of layers of thick vinyl sheets and integrated with pieces of metal for even more stability, mass loaded vinyl fences can be very good at insulating sound and keeping your home free from noisy surroundings.

2.  Berms

For a more natural look, earthen berms can be a good choice for some homeowners. Plus, they are quite effective. Even still, they can be difficult to construct properly, so many people won’t consider them a serious option. But when they are created, some people even choose to add another type of noise-reducing fence to the top for optimal levels of noise cancellation.

3.  Wood

When made out of quality and solid wood, timber fences can be great at canceling out noise, though you will need to avoid having any gaps in the design or they may be less effective. Plus, wooden panels that aren’t as thick will have a difficult time blocking out the sound pollution. For the best results, stick to hardwoods like redwood, oak, and cedar.

4.  Stone & Brick

Stone and brick walls are another option for noise-reducing fences that are extremely effective. They do tend to be on the more expensive side, though they can be made to fit your style aesthetics closely and are great for areas that have high noise pollution. This is because the thickness of the materials easily causes sound waves to bounce off and deflect. Plus, they are quite durable and last for a long time, so many find them to be worth the investment.

5.  Corrugated Metal

Above all, the best noise-reducing fences will be thick enough to bounce off the sound waves that are produced in nearby areas, while also keeping with the style and aesthetic of your exterior.

Written by Bailey Schramm

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