Listing Homes and Businesses by Owner Film Location Rentals

Who is shooting, what and when? We add notifications weekly on production projects. All types of location rentals by owners are scouted by production personnel. Homes of all types and condition. Businesses, mansions, abandoned and vacant buildings, warehouses and much, much more are needed to shoot scenes for film, television and photography. To get an idea of what types of locations are used when filming you can watch any movie and note each and every location backdrop used. Often times there are hundreds of locations used in just one film project.

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Nightmare Alley’s Art Deco Set Design

The two worlds of Director Guillermo Del Toro’s Nightmare Alley feel at times like textural contrasts. “It was almost like working on two films,” according to Tamara Deverell, the film’s production designer, “from the carny world where everything had a faded patina and was a little rough around the edges … to high society, where we wanted everything to be really rich and sumptuous and enticing.”

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The Life of an Acting Dog

Ever thought of calling your new dog Rover? Probably not, but there’s a reason why people reach for that name as stereotypically canine, and there was a time when Rover boomed as a popular dog name. In 1905, British director Cecil Hepworth released a silent film called Rescued by Rover starring, you guessed it, his family dog (who was really named Blair). Ever since, dogs have been upstaging their human counterparts and have become a mainstay of feature films and TV. In fact, a cottage industry has been built around canine stars, including trainers, agents, a version of the Oscars called the Pawscars, and even book deals, such as the recently released Citizen Canine: Dogs in Movies by Wendy Mitchell.

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