Location Rentals

Film Location Questions and Answers:

How to rent out your house, business, props and other unique property for

  • Film and television production.
  • Photography and Entertainment venues.

Read about the process of location scouting. Get yourself aquainted about the process of location scouting so you can
work with production personnel.

Learn valuable information in order to work with Film and Television Crews and specifically a Location Scout

Make it easy on the location scouts, be sure to display as many photos in your listing as possible, be sure to include as many details about your location and the surrounding area. The more information you can supply the better the chance of a location scout considering your property.

Location scouts are under time and budget constraints in many situations and if you help them to research your posting as a potential locale, the more of a chance it will attract them… read more

Feel free to leave a comment, question or what have you about locations and props wanted or available worldwide.

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