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Offer Home Business Film Location Rental

List home business film location movies tv commercials events venuesHow to create the best possible profile listing for a home or business film location rental.

We receive numerous calls from owners worldwide asking what they should add to their location profile to attract production personnel to their property.

Below are tips and suggestions for listing your home or business as a filming, photography or event location rental.


  • Add photos: The more recent photos of the interior and exterior of your property, the additional chances of being considered for projects. Location scouts prefer to see photos in order to determine quickly if the location will fit their needs.Owners need to keep in mind that production personnel are seeking rooms and or the entire property depending on what scenes are they need to shoot.


    Perhaps they are looking for a kitchen for a cooking show or they need a living room and bedroom with an attached bathroom. Or they want a family room and living room as well as an entrance way with a staircase. For the exterior, production may need just the front of the home, a circular driveway or pool for a photography shoot. The best way to create a profile is to take clear photos of rooms and get as much of the area as possible in your photo. This goes for the exterior back and front to present an overview of your property.


  • List your property for a minimum of one year: The longer you list your property the better your chances. We suggest you list a location rental for a minimum of one year. This allows your property to get the best exposure possible. A scout may see your property for a project they are working on but it currently not appropriate, but for their next project, they may remember your listing and bookmark to return to contact you.


    There are have been many occasions when a scout is collecting locations available to show to production personnel in a meeting. We have numerous inquires where the scout will call the office asking where is a specific property they saw last month but is no longer listed.And finally, our staff peruses location listings and will select properties to promote to our film community. The first criteria for promoting properties are that are listed for a year to be sure that it gets out and is still available for a length of time on the web site.


  • Include LOTS of details: The second section of your profile needs to have extensive details of the property you are offering. Describe how many rooms you have and what they are. The square footage of the home or business. Any unique rooms or buildings on the property.  Again keep in mind that production is seeking all or part of your property for a project. If you need ideas, simply turn on a television show or movie and look at the scenes that are being used in what you are watching.

  • Add dependable contact information: Production is generally on time constraints and needs to lock down locations fast. Your profile offers phone number, email and allows for additional contact information in the details section of your location listing. Once your property is of interest, location scouts will email using our online form, telephone you or email directly. You need to provide contact information that insures they can readily reach you. If you are hard to contact, production will go somewhere else for their location. Often, production contacts many location rental possibilities all at once and the owners that get back to them in a timely manner are the ones that get the project.

  • Be SURE you have on your email safe list: Many scouts use our online contact form, this email goes directly to you as the owner. To insure you are receiving the email check to make sure you are receiving this form in your email. The location inquiry form will come from and will include in the body of the email the inquiry details and the contact information of the production person who has interest in your property.

  • Provide a phone number(s): Your listing offers a telephone number(s) in order for scouts to call to reach you. Whenever possible, include a telephone number(s) that gets answered. If you leave it up to a machine, you may not get a message, just a hang up as they go to the next location with a person answering the phone.

  • Fill out all the details requested on the setup form: Be sure that all fields are filled out in the area asking about your property. Details, contact, state, city, what projects you will consider and any other information the form supplies.When adding a price, it is suggested that this is the only area you leave BLANK unless you will not negotiate a rate. Production has a budget for everything associated with the project and that includes locations. We suggest you leave this area blank and work with production personnel on the cost of your rental for the duration of the project. Example: A production may only need your property for a few hours to much longer. It is best to get the details of the project and then talk to them about rental price.

  • Let us know when you get a project: When you get projects, we suggest you let us know so we can promote your property on the web site. When owners contact us with the details of a shoot they hosted, our staff will promote and do a write-up with additional links to your listing.This helps promote to scouts to let them know you have worked with production and will review your property for additional projects.


    Additionally, we will send the information out to those that are interested in properties that have experience working with production. When you get a project, email us with the details and once we have the information, our staff will send out in a press release format. Take advantage of this free promotion, by letting us know how it went.


    Your profile is important and is the first impression a location scout will see when reviewing your location rental, so make it the best you possibly can. attracts 200 to 500 users a day, so create an accurate and detailed overview of the property, and allow them to reach you easily to increase your chances of getting the project.


If you need assistance or have additional questions, the staff at is available to help, our goal is to help you be successful as a location rental offering. You can contact us via email or telephone.

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