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FilmLocationsWanted offers an online location rental gallery with an incredible range of locations, from turn of the century palaces to urban, and rural neighborhoods worldwide. Display your venue to production personnel for films, television commercials and shows, photography and other types of media and event rental locations.

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Welcome to the Film Locations Wanted Profile Set Up Page. If you own or manage a property that you would like to have listed on the web site for consideration, complete the detail fields below and upload your images (in JPEG format) on the following page.

Once reviewed and approved, your location will be added to our database and will be available for viewing by location scouts worldwide who are seeking the perfect location for their projects. You will be contacted by the production company personally if there is interest in using your property.

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 If you have additional questions, need assistance with re-sizing or uploading photos, contact us and the staff will help you with your profile.

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It’s a Wrap!

San Diego location shootThanks Film Locations Wanted, our Video Project was a success. We were seeking a San Diego location to shoot a video project on how to fly drones... read more

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I Rented My New Jersey Home!
New Jersey home film locationWe Hosted a Film & TV Commercial! After the staff at Film Locations Wanted helped us set up our property location profile as a filming location rental, we got to work on 2 projects... read more
Cooking Show Project LA

Your company has been wonderful and has brought us some great jobs!!! Thank you! The shoot at the house was a one day shoot for a YouTube cooking show. click to read more...