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1X Centuy Gothic Grandure Castle Film Location Rental in France

1X Centuy Gothic Grandure Castle Film Location Rental in France

Every picture tells a story, no one can perfectly describe the beauty of which this authentic Château portrays. Overlooking the...
Total views: 1331
X1V Century Templars Strondhold Castle Film and Event Venue France

X1V Century Templars Strondhold Castle Film and Event Venue France

A former stronghold of the Templars, this vast 20 bedroom Chateau sits in a prominent position overlooking the Dordogne and...
Southwest France
Total views: 2071
Southwest France Medievel Fortress Filming Location Rental

Southwest France Medievel Fortress Filming Location Rental

History The History of this stunning Medievil Fortress dates back to the beginning of the XVIth century when the Monpezat...
Southwest France
Total views: 1368
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Location scouting
So you have a script and a budget and a crew and you want to make a movie!!!  A great article by John Montana and a link to his newest short film "Hungry"

Greetings From The Gulch
Saturday I have a music video filming. Should be fun! I also have a one day production on the 30th of May. Still working with another production and are getting close to setting a time to film. So things are looking pretty good right now. Your website has been a great help. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you've done to make this happen. J. Gammons
Student Films

San Diego location shootWhy Rent Your Property For Student Films? Owners ask us if they should consider renting their property to student filmmakers, producers and directors... read more

It’s a Wrap!

San Diego location shootThanks Film Locations Wanted, our Video Project was a success. We were seeking a San Diego location to shoot a video project on how to fly drones... read more

Our Experience
Our Experience With Hosting Film Production Companies 
Opening our home to film producers was one of the best ideas that ever came to our doorway. This all started when a director from India told us that he really liked our house and wanted to shoot a scene for his movie... read more
I Rented My New Jersey Home!
New Jersey home film locationWe Hosted a Film & TV Commercial! After the staff at Film Locations Wanted helped us set up our property location profile as a filming location rental, we got to work on 2 projects... read more
Filming at the Gulch
Arizona film locations
Blood and Whiskey Begins Filming at Gammons Gulch. Thanks FilmLocationsWanted!! I am getting inquiries like every day lately. I give the credit to you and your hard work at getting us out there.