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How to use this site to locate a film location rental

How to use this site to locate a film location rental.

Our database displays photos and details of all types of film friendly property rentals worldwide.

Estate film location rental in San Diego California

To review film location profiles listed on the web site, simply go to the search location link at the top of the page.

You will be directed to a master listing of all locations listed in our database.

If you are looking in a specific geographic area for a location rental, you can filter by using  our SEARCH LOCATIONS FORM on the right hand side of the same page by city and state.

For a full listing of locations that are available in a particular state, we suggest you do just a state search omitting city, that will bring up everything listed in the state. Most listings at the top of results will have photos of the locations for your review.

Once you select a location that may fit your needs, located on the profile is the owners name, email and in most instances a telephone number so you can contact them directly.

FilmLocationsWanted does NOT require any fees, you deal directly with the owners in  every aspect, including the rates.

If you are short of time, don’t see anything that will work for your project, we suggest you fill out our quick and easy, I  NEED A LOCATION FORM.

Submit the I Need A Location  form and once received we will post your inquiry on the web site as well as send out your location needs to our film friendly community. Should there be a venue that fits your description need, they will contact you personally for details.

We work with owners all over the world who are looking to rent their homes, businesses and unique locations for production.

If you need further assistance, please contact us for help on how to locate a location for your project. Our staff will be happy to help in anyway to help you find just what you are looking for.

Good luck with your project.

Rent Your Property To Production Companies

Rent Your Property and Generate Income, Experience The Production Process or Even Get Yourself In On The Act.Home Film Location Rental San Diego

Have a unique property, home or business? Want to rent it out to film crews, photographers or offer it as an event rental? Consider listing your property on Location scouts and production personnel are logging on the the site daily reviewing online profiles of commercial and residential properties for their projects. They need location rentals for TV commercials, television series, films, photography projects, event rentals and more.

Our site caters to everyone looking for locations. Everything from student films, to television series, film projects to small and medium corporate and private events.

It does not matter what type of property you have. It can be an abandoned building, a warehouse, acreage, castle, restaurant, garage, a unique one of a kind  location and more! Any place can be a film location, just watch TV or go to the movies and look at the varied locations used. Business and residential locations of all descriptions anywhere in the world are needed.

How to get your location considered is easy. Just register on the site and post an online profile description with lots of photos and description of your property. Scouts review your profile and photos, if it fits their requirements, they will contact you directly for an appointment to see and discuss renting your property. takes no fees when you rent your location. You deal directly with the production company, you negotiate the price.

And when you get a project, let us know so we can promote your experience and property on the web site to other scouts seeking film friendly locations.

Renting your home or business can be lucrative and fun. Many of our owners have been used as talent and extras too. So if you want to make money, enjoy the process of film production or host an event for a corporate party or project launching. List your property today.

Contact us if you have questions or need assistance and tips on how to create a profile that gets results.

See you in the movies.

San Diego Home Film Location Rental

It’s a Wrap! Perfect San Diego Film Location Rental! Estate Home in the Hills of Fallbrook, California
Estate Film Location Rental in San Diego CountyEstate Film Location Rental in San Diego County
Thanks Film Locations Wanted, our Video Project was a success.We were seeking a San Diego location to shoot a video project on how to fly drones. When looking for a location our considerations were a park or a beach setting.The trouble was we were worried that shooting at those locations were going to attract too many people.Then I turned to film locations wanted and was directed to a new location that was just listed on the web site.

I looked at the profile photos and saw it was located in Fallbrook, California and we are based in San Diego.We wanted a park like backdrop but were seeking the privacy needed to insure no distractions. The Fallbrook location appeared to be ideal so we set up an appointment to scout.Once I laid my eyes on the property I knew it would be perfect for our project. 3 acres of a park like setting with beautiful views of the mountains.

The owner was friendly and willing to work with us. I mentioned we were bringing in pilots from out of town and they would be staying at a hotel. The owner offered two guests rooms for our talent for two nights which again was perfect for our needs.This would mean that the pilots could bring in their expensive equipment and have plenty of security and room to set up and prepare to fly without any trouble. We negotiated a price, set up arrival time for the out of town talent and left. The day of the shoot the crew arrived and we commenced to set up. The pilots were already working on the equipment and testing when we got there.

The accommodations that the owner provided were just perfect. The two side by side guest rooms led directly out to the rear of the property where we planned to shoot. An ideal situation. This location gave us the acres we needed to fly the drones and additional picture perfect covered areas to shoot other segments for demonstration purposes.

The owner was just great too, she set up a continental breakfast for our guests as well as helped set up lunch for everyone. I could not have asked for a better location and will consider it for future shoots whether it be for video or photography.

The estate has a main house with 6000 sq. feet of living space and an additional guest house. The main house has a massive kitchen, living room and entertainment room. She gave me a tour of the property and I could envision a number of ideal uses for both our photography and video projects.

I highly recommend if you are seeking a film or photography location in San Diego County, you consider this property for your needs. The house is spacious, well lit and has a number of rooms. There is an orange grove, large park like back area, Koi Pond, pool, barbecue facilities and much more.

And best of all the owner was film friendly and did everything in her power to make sure that everyone was comfortable and needs for production were attended to. The owner was even dog friendly and allowed us to bring our mascot who travels with us on some projects. He too gives this location a BIG 10 paws.

Estate Film Location Rental in San Diego CountyEstate Film Location Rental in San Diego County
One of my favorite, nothing went wrong shoots of the year. Thank you again, and anytime we need a film location rental we will check your web site to see what you have available. WebmasterDeveloper – Project Coordinator
San Diego house for filming location rental

San Diego Home Film Location 


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