There’s a mood in every room

There’s a mood in every room

This property on 118th Street has to be the most amazing sets for film I have ever experienced!! As I went from one room to the next it was a new world in every room and with the endless possibilities of ideas that each scenery provided with me as an artist it motives and inspires one to be creative.

There’s a mood in every room and an adventure with every step of the house and before you leave it’s so hard to say goodbye. The hospitality alone at this property by its owners Paula & Dave Soderman with give you the reason to want to come back. They are amazing hosts!! I would recommend this Wisconsin home film property to any director who’s looking to create a phenomenal film because of its extravagant scenery, its exquisite structure and it’s magnificent beauty.

I’m not only going back to film I’m also going back just to visit because I may not be able to wait that long!!

Go see for yourself and you might want to take your equipment with you for……….LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!!!……

M. PULL September 29, 2018

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