How To Edit Your Listing


How to Edit /Update Your Location Rental, Prop or Location Rental Wanted Listings

1-  Log in with your user name and password.

2-  Once you are logged in visit the web site to locate your listing.

3-  Click on edit ad.

4-  You will then be prompted for your login information and the access key you were sent via email when you posted your listing initially. (If you do not have your access key, there is a link below to request a new access key that will be sent to the email you used when you created your listing.)

5-  Click submit and you will be presented with the first step to update any information on your ad.

6-  The next page will allow you to upload or update your photos. NOTE:  We have limited the size of photos, if they are too large, they will not upload.
In the event you cannot size your photos, send to us and we will re-size and upload your photos to your listing profile.

7-  Click continue and your ad will be updated.

If you need assistance you can call the office m-f 9am to 5pm (PST) or email us at

When contacting us, please be SURE to let us know which location listing is yours an be as specific as possible as to how we can assist  you faster. 

Please include the link to your ad, the title of your ad or your access key to help us determine who you are.

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