Listing a filming location rental

Renting your property as a film, photography or event venue


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As a location specialist at Film Locations Wanted I get all sorts of questions from owners who want to rent their property as a film or photography location rental.

The first often asked question is “will my home or business be a good location rental?”  Our continued response is that all types of locations are used for filming. Everything from dilapidated homes to mansions and estates, to entire villages. We have received all sorts of requests from scouts looking for venues from all over the world. One of the most difficult was a burned out village for a feature film. There are just not that many burned out villages in the U.S.

Any type of location is a potential filming prospect. Many movies, television programs, commercials and photography projects are shot on location. So when you are considering offering up your property as a location rental, it does not matter what or where it is in the world, or what shape it is in,  any place can be used depending on what the production company needs to shoot their scenes.

Another popular question we are asked is “How much should I charge?” And our reply is “That just depends on what a production company has allotted in their budget for locations.” All production companies have a budget. Have you ever heard about a film that has gone over budget?

An owner needs to negotiate with the production company on the price. Considerations for the owner to decide to rent will  include are how many days are they going to need the location, how many on set cast and crew with be there? Will they need the facilities, the electric and how much dressing of the location will be done? We advise owners to consider that after all questions are answered to ask themselves if the price the production company is willing to pay is worth it to them?

There really is no set price on the charge of renting out your property. It is very similar to renting to anyone not only production companies.  What do you want as remuneration for allowing a film or photography project to use your home or business?

A final note: Many people ask us when or if their location will be used. We really cannot answer that question because it just depends on what scenes are needed to shoot. Example: If a production is looking for an abandoned house and you have a residential home in a gated community, then the chances of them inquiring are nil. If they are seeking an industrial area and you have a commercial building in a shopping center, then your property will not be considered. So with that said, it is a matter of what types of locations are needed at the time.

Our best advice: If you want to offer your property, list it. Include photos, LOTS of details about your property and easy to contact you information. Keep it on the site for as long as possible and allow scouts to review for current or future projects.

No matter what type of property you own, it can be a potential location rental.  Just keep in mind as you watch television or films or see a photo taken on location you will be surprised as you will notice that the possibilities are endless as far as what type of location will be needed.




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