Listing Your Property Details

film location connects property owners with production companies and location scouts. We provide an outlet to display your home, business, prop details and photos online to those seeking locales for their projects and events.

Once you have created your property profile film location directory on the the web site, you are displaying to location production personnel who are seeking venues for their projects in film, television, movies and events worldwide.

We cater to location scouts, location assistants, film and television, photography companies, advertising agencies and event planners.

Your location profile options include a FREE listing that requires you to automatically renew monthly with no images, or choose  a larger profile package that displays your property on the web site for an entire year and allows you to upload as many as 40 images. (see profile packages below)

There are NO additional fees. All prices listed below are based on a ONE TIME YEARLY RATE.

List your film location rental

FREE – 1 Month – No Image – $0.00 – Renew each month1 Month$0.00
TRIAL PACKAGE – 1 Month – 1 Image 10.001 Month$10.00
BRONZE – 6 Months – 3 Images 25.006 Months$25.00
SUPER SAVER – 3 Months- 3 Images 15.003 Months$15.00
GOLD – 1 year – 6 images 35.001 Year$35.00
PLATINUM – 1 year – 8 Images 40.001 Year$40.00
FEATURED – 1 year – 12 Images 50.001 Year$50.00
POPULAR DEMAND PACKAGE – 2 year – 20 Images 100.002 Years$100.00
ULTIMATE LOCATION PACKAGE – 2 year – 40 Images 200.002 Years$200.00



Add photos to your property profile to allow scouts to see your venueYou create a stock location film property or props profile online, and include your property details and contact information for location scouts and production personnel to contact you directly regarding their interest in your property.

Professional photos are NOT required, however all photos must be crisp and clear, not blurry or dark.

Select the best photos that display your property inside and out. Location scouts depend on the photos to make a decision as to if your property or props meet the requirements needed for their project.

If you are seeking custom, display packages, have additional questions or just need assistance, contact us directly at or call the office (760) 735-8690 to speak to a staff member.



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