A Guide to Harford County Cycling

Harford County Cycling

There’s a lot for cycling enthusiasts to love about Harford County, Maryland. Continue reading as we cover some of the best opportunities available to cyclists in the area. 

Ride the Ma and Pa Trail

Accessible all year round, this is a 6.25-mile long multi-purpose rail trail following along the path of the old Ma and Pa Railroad. There are three linked trails that make up the Ma and Pa Trail, including the Bel Air Trail, the Fallston Link, and the Forest Hill Trail.

While the Bel Air Trail and Fallston Link are continuous, the Forest Hill Trail is separate on its own, though there are plans in the works to connect the three together and add further extensions. 

Cyclists can enjoy a variety of trail surfaces on these paths, including paved, large gravel, and fine gravel. There are a few steep hills, and the trail features stunning overlooks and bridges throughout. Bathrooms and parking are available at each end, making it convenient for all. 

Coast Through Abingdon Road Park

For a leisurely bike ride in the park, cyclists can take a spin through Abingdon Road Park. This 

is a 3.5-acre recreational area that features plenty of trails and paths for both walking and biking. 

Plus–the park is dog friendly so you can feel free to bring along your furry friends!

Join the Harford Velo Cycling Club

Lastly, the Harford Velo Cycling Club is a great way for cyclists in the area to get involved and hear about the latest opportunities for biking activities in and around Harford County. 

A yearly membership is only $20, which gives members access to organized group rides, special social events, discounted jerseys, shorts, and other apparel. 

With each of these great opportunities, cyclists in the Harford County, Maryland area can fill their spare time with all kinds of cycling fun. 

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