1868 - Historical Town of Palisade, Nevada 150 Acres

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Nevada, USA
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150 acre property. The town of Palisade came into being in 1868 and served as a stop on the new transcontinental railroad, the Central Pacific. The station quickly became prominent as the shipping point for supplies to mining districts in the eastern portion of Nevada. The town grew in importance in 1874 when the Eureka and Palisade Railroad was begun.

The town became the headquarters for the railroad and its 4 locomotives, 58 freight cars, and 3 gaudy yellow passenger coaches. By 1878, more than 31 million pounds of base bullion had been shipped by the railroad. Several fraternal organizations made their homes in Palisade. The International Order of Odd Fellows and Masons constructed beautiful lodges in the town. Churches and a schoolhouse were built. The railroad built a large shop where freight cars were manufactured employing many of Palisade’s residents. By 1882, the town had settled down to a consistent population of 250. When Eureka declined, Palisade declined.

As Eureka’s mines slowed down, the Eureka and Palisade Railroad runs became more and more infrequent. A series of disastrous floods struck the town in 1910, wiping out many businesses and damaging the railroads. In 1915, the town still had a population of 242, but within a few years the figure had dropped to less than 150.

When the Eureka-Nevada Railroad pulled up its rails in 1938, the end of Palisades was in sight. The post office closed in 1961 and Palisade became a ghost town for good. Today, only two buildings remain in the town, both of them small wooden cabins. An extensive cemetery remains on the west end of the townsite. The ride to the site is well worth the trip for the beautiful scenic views in Palisade Canyon.

I spoke to the railroad executives and they said since the railroad runs through my town, that I could get a permit and build a trestle for the train to stop there again. I have all of the paperwork she sent me.


Palisade was the famous site of an elaborate hoax during the early 1870s, probably to boost tourism. Whenever a train arrived, the residents were said to stage rampant gunfights and bank robberies.

Nobody was privy to knowledge of the hoax except the residents, and the showmanship died off after several years. In 1932, according to legend, Palisade may have been the site of a possible assassination attempt on the life of President Herbert Hoover. Shortly before Hoover's train was to pass through the town, one railroad inspector said he encountered a vagrant by a trestle with 22 sticks of dynamite. Two men skirmished with the inspector and then fled, but another inspector disputed the story and said the vagrant did not have dynamite.

So, right now the Town is a ghost town but I have visions of it being used as a motion picture studio... Another Hollywood in it's own right. People walking around in Western outfits, imitating the ole' West. Palisade is located in Eureka County in the northeastern section of the state of Nevada, in the western United States. It is about 10 miles south of Carlin, and about 33 miles southwest of Elko. There is still a train that goes through the town and could easily stop when a town was reorganized there. Also, it is not so far from the highway. It is 150 acres along the Humbolt River. At it's peak, there were 600 people living in it.

I own it and while I am renting it as a movie location, Would consider selling to production company as a historical location venue. The right person could do wonders with this place. It also has a mine on the property.
There is unlimited parking.
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