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Montague, PE, Canada
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Authentic and Eclectic! Canada Chinese Junk Ship

Hai Long is a glorious throw-back to a wonderful era in Asia when Chinese Junks were abundant and an entire world existed and thrived in the bays and rivers of China... sadly those days are gone and now only a handful of real Chinese Junk Ships exist in the world.

Ours is one of the very best in existence today... she was built for a wealthy customer in 1968 (Cheoy Lee Shipyards, Hong Kong) and is beautifully outfitted with beautiful brasswork, black lacquer surfaces, bamboo ceilings and rich carpet underfoot. For the most part, she is original and is bedecked with woodwork and is like a 38-foot, 10,000 lb. piece of artwork that floats. She is a motor-sailer, meaning she can operate under diesel power or with those gorgeous sails (2).

Hai Long is available for film production for commercials, movies or whatever... rates to be determined on a case-by-case basis. She is located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward island, Canada, which is an awesome backdrop with an impressive harbour and many historic buildings and locations. Hai Long is registered as a commercial vessel, with a certified Captain to operate her, which is necessary for film work.

Long Run Enterprises Inc. brings an exciting and new experience opportunity for visitors and locals alike in Charlottetown – the unique chance to learn about the unrivaled nautical prowess of the Ming Dynasty Chinese explorer Zheng He while aboard an authentic two-masted Chinese wooden junk ship! To Asians and non-Asians alike, this is likely the first time that they have ever stepped aboard a junk-rigged sailboat – a ubiquitous sailing watercraft that was first spotted on the horizons in the second century AD. Although the junk was once the most-built (and copied) watercraft ever, today there are but a small handful left in the world and most are ferreted away in private collections or museums. At one time, one could actually walk right across Hong Kong Harbour stepping on the thousands of wood-constructed junks and sampans along the entire way; today there is only one junk left to carry on the storied history of this remarkable vessel.

Hai Long is a rare find, a true Hong Kong-built all-teakwood junk with full provenance. She is authentic and original in every regard, including her large, fenestrated rudder, ornate woodwork and brightwork and her robust teakwood ribs and framework. Her overall condition is remarkable, a pure testament to the previous owner who grew old with Hai Long, having purchased her new in 1968 and only recently deciding to sell. With her sails in full bloom, she cuts an impressive profile and becomes the primary subject of discussion amongst all in view of her. Sadly, the thousands of Asian visitors who pass through Charlottetown every summer have probably never seen an authentic junk in their lives, little alone enjoyed the experience of a ride in one. Long Run Industries intends to offer the chance to set sail and relive the excitement that at one time only the Treasure Ship sailors under Emperor Zhu Di could experience!

Close your eyes and imagine receiving the proclamation from the Ming Emperor that the fleet is to set sail immediately, to cast lines and to explore distant lands, then open your eyes and see yourself on an authentic Chinese junk boat with the sails being hoisted… that is what we are offering in Charlottetown” - Montgomery Gisborne.

Aboard Hai Long, her guests will be treated to much more than just a boat ride… they will feel like they are a part of a long-ago exploration adventure to seek out new lands and establish trade as the Treasure Ship Fleets did so many years ago. This experience is made possible through multimedia interactive learning… the crew will be dressed in period Ming Dynasty garb and audio-video and other tools will be employed to make learning about this most exciting period in nautical history seem quite real. Real Chinese food will be served, j

July 27, 2018
One of few authentic Chinese Junk Ships in existence, never mind in North America. This boat is all original and in stunning condition, with more ornate details than probably any other in existence.
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