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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

We're looking for a few locations in Ontario (Hamilton for sure, maybe Port Hope or Barrie) to shoot interviews for a paranormal ghost show.

We're hoping to schedule these interviews between Jan 21st and Feb 1st. We need the location to be spooky - old houses, open warehouse-type spaces...something along those lines...if your location could be featured on HGTV is isn't right for us. Please let me know if you have a scary-looking place that might work!

We need the locations to be spooky - old houses, open warehouse-type spaces...something along those lines.

Type of Project: Television Show
Shoot Date: Jan 21st through Feb 1st
How Many Days in Shoot: Full day
How Many People on Set: Less than 10
Parking Needed Around 4 or 5 spots would be great Location Description: Home, Vacant Building
Budget: Yes
Insurance Waiver: Yes
State: Ontario
City: Hamilton, Barrie, Port Hope

Sydney Broere
Phone: 289-278-1621

January 2, 2019

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