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Los Angeles, California, USA

South Los Angeles Home, this house in South Central Los Angeles has a two-unit home the house in the front contains four bedrooms and the backyard is large. approx. 7500 square feet. The house is currently painted white. If production needs to paint a different color, this option is available.

The location has plenty of parking in the back yard, and street parking. Locations located next to elementary school in the city of Los Angeles main streets are Florence and Alameda. The area is used for many notable production projects. For more information please contact Damian or Alex.


House is white so if you need to paint it you can. 4 bedroom home with a 1 bedroom back home!!! For more info contact me at 323 496-1998 or 562-415-5360. The back yard is big and has grass and tree fruit trees .

small front driveway backyard parking

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Los Angeles Homes south la houses apartments large yards paint house white houses big backyard filming location rentals in los angeles south central la

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