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Wilmington, Delaware, United States
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This is a classic 1950's stool/counter and booths luncheonette with open kitchen and stainless back walls. It would fit 50's and 60's era films and could be easily transformed for 70's.

As of this moment we have 12 stools split 6 and 6 with two separate counters. A waitress walk through in the center divides the two of them. 4 more stools will be available soon looking out the large front windows with original neon Luncheonette signs.

An original spinning 50's neon clock splits the two classic Coca Cola menu boards. The main flooring is made up of 1 in mosaic tiles. 3 booths two 4 tops and one 3 top are placed against the far wall. The original 2nd generation owner and 3rd generations still there after 50 years. This is all packed into the corner property of a cute city neighborhood called the Forty Acres in Wilmington DE. Please contact us for pictures and any other requests.


Stainless steel, neon, original stools/counter, mosaic tiles, Elvis, open floor plan.

City street parking
Commercial Kitchen

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delaware diners old vintage Diner, Luncheonette, 1950's, 1960's, Neon, Stainless steel walls old diner

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