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Film Locations Wanted connects production professionals directly with property owners who want to host a filming,  event or photography shoot in their home or business space anywhere in the world.

Upload image(s), add description, details, display contact information and more. Register and add your venue to invite the entertainment industry over to your place.

What type of rental locations are needed by production companies and location scouts?


Homes and businesses are desired for movies, photography, event and television projects. Scouts are constantly on the lookout for homes and unique filming locales of all types. If you have been considering listing your to generate income from your home or business, simply signup and list any property worldwide including:

  • Apartment Buildings and Condos
  • Beach Houses, Log Cabins
  • Country Homes, Mansions, Estates, Castles, Attractions
  • Islands, Castles Exotic and Unique Location Venues
  • Resorts and Hotels – Crew accommodations
  • Businesses – Office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, hair salons, spas, hospitals and more
  • Unique Venues – Acreage- Back Yards, Alleys, Warehouses, Roof tops
  • Abandoned Vacant Buildings (beach, mountains, lakes etc.),
  • Props- Vehicles, clothing, antiques, collectibles and more considered


Business Location Film Rentals

Film Locations Wanted is an online property filming, photography and event location directory resource. Specializing in connecting owners looking to offer stock locations including  mansions, estates, houses, apartments, lofts, abandoned buildings, businesses and all manner of unique locales for film, television or photography production.

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Our on location directory offers properties listed by owners who welcome film, television, photography and event projects. A great resource for  Location Scouts, Photographers and Event Planners.

How to list your business as a film location rental?

Register FREE and create an online rental profile with all the details of your venue. Upload photos for review by those interested in renting your property for filming projects.Rent houses for filming and tv shows

  • Attractions & Unique Buildings
  • Islands, Exotic and Unique Venues
  • Resorts, Hotels, Motels and Bed and Breakfasts’
  • Abandoned and run down locations of all types
  • Businesses – Office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, hair salons, hospitals and more for movies and television commercial production.
  • No fees or commissions, property owners negotiate directly with production personnel.


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