Gammons Gulch Arizona Film Location

Western town, 30's and 40's backdrops and props



“I can’t buy an old town so I will build one”
Jay Gammons – Gammons Gulch

Re-creation of an 1890’s Town and Mining Camp Location.

Gammons Gulch is a Movie Set & Museum created as an Old West Town from the 1880’s to the 1930’s.

Gammons Gulch began the day Jay was exploring the desert in Benson, Arizona. Traveling down an old dirt road, he came across a for sale sign that read 10 acres available. The property had hills with a Gulch area next to a dry wash and Jay decided then and there that was a perfect spot for his lifelong dream of owning an Old West Mining Town and offering it as a production location.

From that day forward Gammons Gulch was transferred from a dream to a reality as Jay Gammons lovingly began to build board by board this location using buildings he gathered from the Old West era from all over the country.  

The first building was completed in 1972; a small shack Jay refers to as the Telegraph office.  Since then the town has grown to over 17 buildings including an 1100 square foot Saloon and a Church.

The first project that used Gammons Gulch as a location was a television commercial for a shoe shop in Tucson, Arizona and since then it has exploded with many other production projects , made for TV movies and events visiting the Gulch.  A few of the most recent films include “The Debacle” and the movie “The Gun Down”, starring Peter Coyote, Sheree Wilson, William Shockley and Veronica Diaz.

Many famous personalities’ from all over the world have walked the streets of this town including;  Alyssa Molina, Jeff  Fahey,  Sheree Wilson, Mario Van Pebbles, Peter Coyote, William Shockley, Veronica Diaz, Christine Alfonso, Ty Harden, Stella Stevens,  William Smith and Christine Johnson.

In addition to Gammons Gulch as a movie set, photography and event venue, it is filled with real artifacts and antiques and is also considered a Museum because of the historical content and props that fill the town and buildings.

There is an 1880’s flour mill from Safford Arizona, a  2-seater out house that came from the railroad lines that lead to Curtis Crossing. (This was the same rail line the Earps rode on when they left Tombstone to Tucson in 1882), there is a working telegraph key and receiver. A hang mans scaffle, mining equipment, a big 1909 Fairbanks Morris working engine, a complete 1880’s grocery store and much more. This town is full of wonderful artifacts from the past.

Some of the popular buildings that scouts may be looking for include an 1100 square foot Saloon, a Church, jail, mining camp with cabin and mine as well as a complete Mercantile.

Gammons Gulch offers production crews wide streets running north and south and an un-obstructed view of the beautiful high desert of Arizona. There is plenty of parking available that is separate from the town.

Jay and Joanne Gammons welcome all inquires for using the town.  They will work with you to see that your filming or photography project goes smoothly and that time is well coordinated to insure progress and success in completing your project in a timely manner.

The Gulch offers a complete ready to film town with no hidden fees and no unseen , unexpected charges.  Jay and Joanne Gammons are the only people you deal with insuring no red tape or corporate control.

Key Benefits:

  • Gammons Gulch is considered a Museum because of the historical content that fills the town offering crews a multitude of props.
  • The owners are on site 24/7 and live in the hotel. Insuring that overnight equipment or needs of crew are tended to at all times.
  • Gammons Gulch is open to filming year round.

The Gammons love what they do and are passionate about the Gulch.

Jay Gammons loves to share the history of his life during the numerous yearly tours he gives when not filming to the thousands of tourists visiting the town. Jay loves being involved with movie people, and thrills that Gammons Gulch has become a reality.

Joanne Gammons loves to share the history of the area and how the town has progressed over time. She also enjoys when movie crews are on location there and is filled with wonder when she is part of a movie from the beginning to screen finished product.

Jay and Joanne offer a location for filming, photography and events, and when asked the question “In your mind who else would be a great fit for Gammons Gulch, they said “Clint Eastwood!!  Sam Elliott!!  We would love to see them here in person, fulfilling our wildest dreams.”

Gammons Gulch is located minutes from:

  • Kartchner Caverns
  • The Amerind Foundation
  • Holy Trinity Monastery
  • Fort Huachuca Museum
  • Sierra Vista
  • Bisbee
  • Douglas
  • Willcox
  • Fort Bowie
  • Tombstone
  • Old Tucson Studios

Gammons Gulch Offers Including

  • Props on hand included with the town rental
  •  Perfect second unit  location
  •  Wide main streets
  •  Side streets
  •  Alleys
  • Highly detailed interiors
  •  Local casting and support agencies
  •  Unobstructed scenic views
  •  Located in the High Desert and Mountains – On 10 rugged acres
  • Motels and food less than 20 min. away w/special rates available

 Town Highlights

  • Mining camp w/authentic mine
  • Hotel building
  • Large Saloon
  • Church/Schoolhouse
  • Town Hall
  • Miner’s Cabin
  • Mercantile
  • Authentic Jail
  •  Functional Assay and Blacksmith Shops
  •  Working antique autos


What’s going on at Gammons Gulch?  – A unique Arizona Movie Set and Filming location rental for Photography and Video – Film shoots. This Arizona rental location  is owned and operated by Jay and Joanne Gammons. The location is filled with Props available for rental as well as a great Museum.

An Arizona film location rental with desert landcapes an old town and buildings ranging from the old west from  1880’s to the 1930’s. Lots of Props too, cars, costumes and much more.

Give them a call for details on what is currently available as they are always updating this fabulous location south of  Tucson, Arizona.

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