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Detroit, Michigan, usa

Seeking in Detroit Michigan an environment location that can mimic a mental therapist office. Short Film War theme.

Dr. Kimberly (Kim) Baker, a therapist, world shatters when her patient, Daniel Kyle, shows up early for his scheduled meeting. Daniel plays a twisted game of survival and with only 30 minutes, Dr. Kim races against time to fulfill the demands.

Type of Project: Short Film
Shoot Date: July 20-21 2018
How Many Days in Shoot: 1 day
How Many People on Set: 9 crew members
Parking Needed standard parking
Location Description: Other
Budget: $300
Insurance Waiver: none at the moment
State: Michigan
An environment that can mimic a mental therapist office.

John Mayes
EMail: JMayesProduction@gmail.com
Phone: (248) 595-3797

June 12, 2018

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Closeby location ok
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therapist office Detroit Michigan wanted film location rental offices

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