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Seattle, Washington, USA
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Local production company in need of a location for a commercial to be shot the last week of February 2018. Looking for a home willing to have footage taken of interior, exterior, or both!

The location needs to be suburban and outside of Seattle proper. For exterior home, we are looking for a modest, suburban, single family home. For the interior home, the only requirement is that it has a long, open hallway to shoot one of the main scenes.

Exterior house will only take a half day of shooting.

Interior house will take one full day of shooting.

If interested, please send photos of interior/exterior of the house to info@playfishmedia.com or call 206-455-5783

Rates will be discussed upon inquiry.
Type of Project: Television Commercial
Shoot Date: Late February 2018
How Many Days in Shoot: 1 day for just interior, 1/2 day for just exterior, 2 full days for interior and exterior How Many People on Set: 5-10
Parking Needed onsite parking needed for house with interior capability, so that crew can access equipment easily
Budget: Yes
Insurance Waiver: Yes
State: Washington
City: Seattle, Renton, Everett, Puyallup

Email: info@playfishmedia.com
Call: (206) 455-5783

January 30, 2018

See details or contact us.

Need close by onsite parking to for house so that crew can access equipment easily
Commercial Project
seattle homes wanted film location rental single family houses television commercial rental suburban home Seattle exterior home modest, suburban, interior home, long, open hallway Renton, Everett, Puyallup

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