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Morristown, Arizona, USA

Property is 7 acres, house is covered in dirt and rock except the entrances, it is considered an earth sheltered or underground house. The bottom floor is 18 feet underground, it has 3 levels, it is built out of steel and concrete which form a dome on the inside that is 28 feet tall with a metal and glass elevator that transports from floor to floor, it has 2 entrances and a ladder escape for emergencies, the interior walls create a natural amphitheater when music is played.

The house has been completely remodeled but thus far the landscaping has only been cleaned up not decorated. The house is 1859 square feet, it is round inside. The tile looks like metal but it is actually ceramic and is called metallic. I am 20 miles from Lake Pleasant regional park,

7 miles from Wickenburg Az and as all my friends joke, I am in the far east suburb of LA, about 5 hours. The house is situated a mile back a ridge from US Highway 60 and has plenty of room to park location trailers if needed. I have no props unless what is on the property is something you need. I would consider just about any filming here. The address is 44419 Saguaro Blossom Ln Morristown, Az 85342
I can be reached at 602-299-6244.
Thanks for looking, Kat


earth sheltered
dome inside
walls create amphitheater sound
rural area
room for location trailers

lots of parking, 2 acres or more
Commercial Project
Underground house, elevator under ground house, dome elevator house arizona homes environmental dome houses

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