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Los Angeles, California, USA

Martial Arts Action film that is like THE RAID meets KILL BILL with a female lead fighting her way out of an apartment complex.

Seeking a 3+ story apartment complex that form a square on each level, with the middle area in the center of the apartments facing each other being an empty space/freefall down to the first level. Railings would be in front of the apartment doors, creating a square so each door is visible when descending through the middle empty space.

This is for a martial arts/action film that will involve fight scenes going down each level next to the railings with the camera being a drone capturing the action on each level from the center of the apartment building.

Type of Project: Video Project
Shoot Date: March 2018
How Many Days in Shoot: 3 days
How Many People on Set: 20

Parking Needed Grip truck, parking for crew and actors, parking lot preferred.
Location Description: Vacant Building, Other
Budget: Yes

Insurance Waiver: Not now, but will have it when location is found
State: CA
City:Los Angeles

Mitchel Dumlao
Email: mitchel.dumlao@gmail.com
Phone: (805) 708-1856

Dec. 5, 2017

See details or contact for more information.

Close by location parking for equipment and crew
Independent Films
Los angeles apartment building film location rental wanted filming la apartments production facility

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