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: Los Angeles, Lancaster, California, USA
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Ridge Route Ranch is close to Los Angeles with a far away feel. Film productions can request a waiver to be part of the Secondary Film Zone. The Ranch is privately owned with miles of trails, dirt roads, large oaks, pine forests, valleys, mountains, open areas, two horse arenas, large gravel parking lot; all with amazing views.

The Ranch sits at a 3200 ft altitude and gets snow during the winter. We have starry nights and a ranch house. There is a 3500 ft. airport runway next door and we have the only Animal Alley for filming (small to large animals, one to a herd, walking t​​​​o running).

The Ridge Route Ranch is 20 miles north of Castaic. 4 miles east of I-5 off the 138 (near Gorman).

We are private and secluded. There are no time limits on shoots and we are available all year long. We are film friendly and have no neighbors.

Crew size of:
1-15 people = $1200/day
16-60 people= $2500/day
61+= $3000/day

There is a mandatory site manager fee of $250

We have horses, bison, and cattle for rent. Depending on the need and number of animals, the pricing is on a sliding scale.

Pricing does not include use of Ranch House. There is an additional fee of $1000/day to use it.

We're a ranch; we recommend the crew to wear long pants and boots.

Nights are cold; bring a jacket.

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

Trash should be placed in the bins and we'll take care of the rest

The Ranch is completely off the grid for water (windmill pumps about 1400 gallons per day) and we are off
the grid for electricity as well (we have multiple solars panels and a small wind turbine). We suggest productions to bring a generator or talk to us, we cannot provide electricity on a large scale.

Insurance is required? Yes

Deposit Required? No

Drones allowed? Yes

Trailers allowed? Yes

Pets allowed? No

Child-talent allowed? Yes

Generator allowed? Yes/mandatory

Furniture/wall art movement allowed? Yes

Wifi speed? Very very slow

Mobile/cellular network reception? Excellent

Noise restrictions? Not an issue but please let us know prior if there is going to be loud noises (such as gunfire, explosions, music, etc.)

Fireplace/firepit usage? If the ranch house is rent, yes. However, no open fires are allowed.

Can you record clean dialogue? Yes

What is noise in the surrounding area like? Nature (redtail hawks) and animal sounds (horses, cattle, etc.). Occasionally distant traffic and wind

Is there dedicated space available for hair and makeup? No, unless Ranch House is rented

What is the natural light like (normal exposure)? This listing is primarily for exteriors and is dependent on the time of day.

Are all areas of the space accessible for production purposes (including exterior)? No, usage of the Ranch House is an additional cost but its exterior is not.

What are the power capabilities like in the space? Please bring your own generators or talk to us.

Will there be an on-site manager present during the booking? Yes

September 20, 2017

Animal Alley is a section of our ranch where you can take footage of herd animal(s) in a profile view with a blue sky background. E-mail us at aranch45@gmail.com and we'll be more than happy to send you photos and video of animal alley and other assets of the ranch.

Large on site gravel parking lot for over 250-300 cars.

  • Commercial Project
  • Event Venues
  • Feature Films
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