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: Phone: (928) 899-9675
: Santa Barbara, USA

We need an EXT poolside location. We're looking for an upscale backyard with a pool. Something modern with underwater lights. The 2 actresses will be in the pool and we will be shooting for night. Please contact me with questions or offers.

: Student thesis short film from SBCC, titled "Virtually You". We are a group of 11 students who are enrolled in the Capstone film production class at SBCC.

It's our final project for the school and our final project together before everybody scatters off into the industry. This film is a love drama that incorporates the bigger question of how much technology is affecting human interaction/connection.

Type of Project: Independent Film, Student Film, Short Film

Shoot Date: October 13,14 and MAYBE October 20,21 of 2017

How Many Days in Shoot: 1 Day for the shoot

How Many People on Set: ~20 people Parking Needed We will need at least temporary parking on site for loading/unloading gear.

Budget: There is a small budget for location

Insurance Waiver: Yes the film department at SBCC has an insurance policy for us
State: California
City: Santa Barbara

Josh Lawson
Email: jjlawson@pipeline.sbcc.edu
Additional Contact Information: Email, text, or call
Phone: (928) 899-9675

September 18, 2017

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