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We are looking to shoot during the day this coming Monday during the day at an Outdoor Basketball Court that is fenced in. It needs to be fenced in because we plan on zip tying some banners for product placement. We are filming a basketball game with patrons all around the court watching. It'll be more urban if possible.

We can possibly rent a church parking lot that may be near by and shuttle people over. Ideally I would like to have a parking lot on the premises touching the court or near by that can hold the following vehicles.

• 40' Three Room Talent Trailer that is going to get delivered and picked up
• A cube truck that will hold our camera jib/crane
• A cube truck with production supplies in it such as tables/ tents/ chairs/ coolers/ walkies
• We are more than likely going to have 25 crew members with their own vehicles, 60 extras who will definitely be driving their own vehicles. And you can probably add 20 vehicles more or less on top of that which will be from label and artist and who ever he will be bringing.

What I have found out is that I can not lock in a film permit for any state parks because they need more of a lead time.

So we need to be looking into private ones, private schools, community colleges, YMCA's, homes that may have this fenced in basketball court etc. IF were looking in Los Angeles County.

What potential success I have is the city of Simi Valley, they seem to be more helpful and capable of pulling a film permit today. I am looking to lock down a location today before 12pm so we can give people enough time to process a rushed permit.

Equipment we will be using will be:
• Camera jib/crane.
• Sprinter van with grip and electric items which will also have our camera package.
• Small 10,000 generator that has its own wheels. NOT Towable
• Steadi Cam Operator
• We will have music playback.
We will not be doing:
• Any special effects, gun fire, etc.

Please feel free to call my cell with any questions.


Jonathan Nellis
tre native
c: 737.932.0022
website: www.trenative.com
twitter: @trenative
Instagram: @trenative

September 14, 2013

See Details or contact for further information. Need Location ASAP.

Close by location parking
Independent Films
basketball court

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