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Hebron, Connecticut, USA

The farm house is located in NE Connecticut, in the Amston area in the town of Hebron.

The house was part of a working dairy farm, which was parceled out to the family. We have what was left. The property is entered thru a cul-d-sac.

The farm house was built ca 1933, it is all solid wood construction. The building is white with Dark green trim. It has a basement two living floors and an attic.

Out doors facing west is a crabapple tree, and across the cu-d-sac is a two car Garage,
original to the property. To the right of the Garage is an old Texaco pump, as the farm had to gas their vehicles. Facing north on the left is a 200 yr old sugar maple tree and on the right is a 20 yr old red Scandinavian maple. In the front of all this is about half an acre of manicured grass.

To the right of the garage is the barn. Because of its size and construction we tried to have it landmarked, but that never came thru. The barn has not been used in the past 50 years.

On the front of the house is a screened in porch also original to the house with some modifications, about half the property is wooded land, mostly sugar maple trees.

The out house has long disappeared.

Facing east is a screened in porch. The original screens were copper but disintegrated over time and were replaced with something less exotic.

The interior.

You walk into the mud room which has wainscoting, wood that is original to the house. This leads to the kitchen, to the right is a sink room with a sink and cabinets that are original to the house.

Most off the windows are original to the house. We put fancy shades up.

The living room has been changed, we also have a rug that is bout 85 years old on the floor, plus some furniture that is about that old.
Upstairs are four identical bedrooms, with original furniture except for the beds.

We have the original headboards and spring in the attic.

Diane & Maurice Kessler

August 18, 2017

Lots of old vintage furniture for prop use.

Plenty of parking please inquire

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  • Driveway
  • Attic

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