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Lake front cabin(s), rough camp(s) on 15 acre "private" lake, Adiondack Mountains, upstate NY.

Photos and drone videsos available upon request. Rough sided, 3 season cabin(s) no sheetrock. The last "real" camp on the lake. No phone lines, dead end dirt road but well maintained by the town of Wells. 25-30 camps of various types on lake, most updated much more than this one. Little to no cell reception onsite, travel a few miles North for reception.

Main camp open loft upstairs and open downstairs with wood steps in the middle. Approximately 500-600 sq feet total, upstairs, downstairs, porch, bathroom. Old Ben Franklin wood stove for heat. Doored bathroom was added, outhouse still standing about 20 feet from camp. Screened porch, a front and side entrance. Cabin was built to fit windows and doors from old buildings in Schenectady and some furniture is also from such. Window show ripples from age. Running water line from the lake to kitchen sink and shower, tiolet. Electricity was added for lights, fridge and hot water.

Small gas stove. Old geen, peeling paint on doors and some windows. Metal roof(s) unpainted. Second cabin "the old camp" is close enough to step over to from side entrance steps. One room cabin originally for hunting. 3-4 small windows. Used for storage now, but used to house some of my family during cold weather before the main camp was built in 1968. Lot size about 1 acre but neighbors barely visible due to trees. Lot has overgrowth, with short, hilly paths to the lake. Old canoe and rowboat. Black, truck tire swim tubes. No gas powered boats due to small size of lake and natural spring fed/outlet fresh water.

One pair of Loons nesting every year, ducks, Bears, Moose and Deer, Bald Eagle, Herons, Bull frogs, fish, turtles, beavers, Dragonflies, black flies in June. Outdoor, rough stone fire place for campfires and cooking. Tree swing with lake view.


Charley lake is a stone's throw from cabin porch. There are times of day when the water is dancing and sparkling in the sun like diamonds and times when it is still like a mirror. Surrounded by mountains on 2-3 sides. The lot is hilly in places, the road abutts forest. Lots of state land nearby, which is free to use and camp on in NY State. The original owner/builder of the hunting cabin still resides on the lake during summer and could provide historical info about our lot, the lake, the camps, etc... They are good friends and I believe would grant permission to use the forrest/mountain (Cutknife Mountain) across the road, which he still owns, as well as the dead end turn around. There are maintained snow mobile trails on his property and logging trails at the dead end and along the road. They also own land at the end of the lake. It is very quiet and peaceful except if someone is cutting wood or grass.

Also, My family was at the lake when Robert Garrow killed the campers a few miles away. We heard the ambulance when they found the bodies and turned the news on in the AM. There was a manhunt for this serial killer and the Wells Old Home Days Fair was cancelled. All campers were told to leave the area. It tooks us hours to get out because the troopers searched every car and camper. There are several books, and a movie is due out about the case. The transistor radio and knife Garrow stole from a camp across the lake was fingerprinted, and was verified in the book(s). There were no phones, poor radio reception. The media and Police from all over stayed in Speculator throughout the manhunt and trial. These hotels still exist. In paricular, there is the hotel on Lake Pleasant in Speculator (a few miles from camp) which continues to have perfect accomodations for media.

Well-maintained dirt road, dead end turn around. A small parking area by the cabin with short drive way, unpaved, fit several vehicles. On street parking is available, a short walk down to camp. Or unload at the camp and park at the dead end.
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Lakeside cabin, Adirondack Mountains, rough cabin, hunting cabin, forrest, small lake, Robert Garrow, Serial killer, camp, old camp, seasonal camp, upstate ny, NYS, private lake woods

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