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Gwinnett County, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This middle class American home is a brick ranch on a full basement. With two driveways, there is a good bit of parking for a residential location. The house in on a half acre lot, with fruit trees in the back yard, herb gardens in front, and if you get the right angle, solar panels on the roof. It would work very well for a back-to-nature type character. Or the look could be minimized quite easily if that is not the desired effect.

The interior of the home is three bedrooms, two bathrooms. There is a medium sized kitchen. There is no permanent island, but we do have a cart/wooden-island-on-wheels that we move in and out of the center of the kitchen. There is a breakfast nook area that I use as the dining room. There is a room on the floor-plan of the house for a dining room, but it is in use as an office. In that office are several old servers and a large collection of computer parts, and would be great for a computer geek type character. The living room is currently split between a traditional living room and a combined sewing area and in-home gym area. The current decor of the house is primarily fantasy artwork. Dragons, elves, etc. Though things could obviously be moved if necessary.

One section of the basement has some workbenches in it, and would make a good location for a workshop shoot. The rest of the basement is primarily a storage mess. Though much of it is surprisingly well-lit, due to a Independent film that was filmed there years ago and left the overhead lighting in place. There is also a large fabric green screen mounted to the wall, that could be used if desired.


The most unique aspect of the house is the small orchard in the backyard. There are five persimmon trees, that are just loaded with fruit in the late fall. Part of the back fence is covered in muscadine vines, that are similarly laden in the early fall. There are two garden beds in the front of the house, that are usually planted with herbs and some vegetables. One side of the roof has solar panels. We try to do our part for the environment.

I have a fairly long driveway that leads to a two car carport. It could easily fit eight cars. There is a shorter driveway on the side of the house leading to a one car garage that is inside the basement. You could put two additional cars in the driveway outside the garage, for a total of eleven cars worth of off-street parking. Possibly one or two more if they are smaller cars. Additional cars can park along the street if necessary. There are no HOA or local government restrictions regarding parking along the curb.

  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Driveway
  • Office
  • Hallways
  • Garden
  • Stairs
  • Gym
  • Large Kitchen
  • Attic

  • Commercial Project
  • Documentaries
  • Feature Films
  • Film Shorts
  • Independent Films
  • Music Videos
  • Photography Projects
  • Reality Shows
  • Television Commercials
  • Television Series
  • Television Shows
  • Training/Industrial Videos
  • Web Series
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