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Harlem, New York, USA

New Harlem Besame Restaurant, former home to Sugar Ray Robinson’s businesses, is a prime location for all types of music productions and movie genre. It is located between 124th and 123rd street. Our restaurant’s corner property location is the largest sidewalk café, 10ft property line, in Central Harlem, and is just one block away from the famous 125th street. The restaurant is 2000sq ft with a 1200 sq ft Art Gallery attached to it.

Our rates are very affordable as we strive to bring the culture, beauty and potentials of Harlem to the world.

Our design and décor is tastefully attractive and artistic with a flair of quiet sophistication. The restaurant showcases one of the rarest pieces art made in mahogany wood, The Liberian Mural, crafted by the famous Liberian artist, Alfred Yeagon.

The wall mural consists of 18 carved panels, each panel is 10 feet high by 21 inches wide with a Total size: 10 feet high by 31.5 feet wide. The Liberian Mural is one of the few remaining works in existence by Mr. Yeagon, now deceased. The Mural is remarkable for its beauty and grandeur but it is even more exceptional as many works of art were lost during the long Liberian Civil War. It was created for the 1979 Organization of African Unity (OAU) Conference hosted by the Government of Liberia, The Liberian Mural is the culmination of two years labor by the Liberian sculptor and carver Alfred Yeagon.

Today, that very famous piece of art is proudly and permanently displayed at the New Harlem Besame Restaurant & Lounge. The restaurant location used to house the restaurant and enterprises of one of America’s most famous boxer, Mr. Sugar Ray Robinson.

October 19, 2016

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Plenty of street parking

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