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San Miguel Allende, guanajuato, Mexico
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2 Unique Film or Photography location rentals in Mexico. These 2 homes are available for filming location and event rentals.

The GaudiBat Casa shows it's curve forms in a vertebra staircase winding up to a cavern loft. A flowing serpentine aqua duct blends into the bathroom sink. Pods for kitchen cabinets and canal aqua ducts cascading down into a horse trough wooden kitchen sinks. The central beam of the house inspired from the stamen of a flower. The giant trees of Cambodia were inspirational in designing the office workspace. With crawling vines holding up 2 computer monitors, to the glass table supported by branches. People who rent the house, love sleeping in the candlelit bedroom caverna. Your dreams and Imagination run free. The coffee table is the root system of a mesquite tree. We lifted it up off the ground, connected 2 ventricles to center, and extended the roots to hold the television, computer and projector with cement limbs.

You feel like you are entering into a magical mysterious world walking up the staircase bridge wrapped around the Jacuzzi. Plant like curved arches support the organic walkway to the first terrace.

The Casa Dr. Seuss. A fun and playful home, to spark the imagination, and bring out the child in us all. The ground floor with its Caverna Jacuzzi will rest your bones from the hard San Miguel cobblestone hills. On the upper floors, a crazy Seuss Vacuum cleaner lamp, snakes under the beds and large mouth sinks, entertain the eyes. A zany crooked trumpet pipe, spews water into the kitchen aqua duct to wash those dirty dishes.

Houses designed from the pages of Sci-Fi fantasy films come to life. 3D visual effects designer Steven Rude is now designing fantasy homes in Mexico. Architecture takes a crazy curve. With a background in 3D computer special effects in film and television, there is no shortage of ideas for fantasy homes. The Gaudi Bat Casa looks nothing like the normal straight lined walls of normal homes. It is a fun house, a mix of Giger meets Gaudi with hints of Dr. Seuss. Rude visualizes all the designs in 3D in the computer.

Steven Rude has worked on 2 Harry Potter films for IMAX, many commercials and taught 3D animation and design in India and China. But he says Designing Krazyhomes, full of curves, is the icing on the cake. Living a curvy melting house would drive most people crazy, but it keeps me grounded and in check.

Contact Steven Rude today if you have any questions or require specifics regarding these one of a kind unique locations.

It is best to refer to the website for film and photography rentals.

August 1 2016

Check the Description and photos for unique details. A casa designed from special effects fantasy movies, comes to life. The Gaudi Bat Casa, does not have the conventional forms of a normal home. Designed in 3D in the computer, by special effects artist, Steven Rude, this casa has vertebra staircases winding up to a caverna, alien pods with tentacles and aqua ducts flowing into sinks.

There is street parking available at both houses

  • Roof Area w/View
  • Porch
  • Stairs
  • Spa
  • Fireplace

  • Commercial Project
  • Feature Films
  • Film Shorts
  • Independent Films
  • Television Commercials
  • Television Series
  • Television Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Music Videos
  • Reality Shows
  • Web Series
  • Photography Projects
  • Event Venues
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Parties
  • Private Parties
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