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The Paladin Center is a law enforcement/first responder training center located just over an hour from NYC. The complex has over 50 acres and 130,000sf of diverse training spaces, including office space and a helicopter landing zone. There are multiple classrooms and banquet halls available, which can accommodate hundreds of guests.

Paladin specializes in scenario-based training. The scenarios take place on functioning sets that include a bar, bodega, pharmacy, office spaces, interrogation rooms, apartments, holding cells. In addition, we have a 20,000sf warehouse that can easily be transformed, depending upon client needs.

PROPS! Basement has 20,000sf of incredible props which are available upon request.

In addition to location services we provide tactical training for the TV/Film industry, as well as onsite consultation. We have a fully outfitted tactical team available for onsite and offsite projects. State-of-the-art shooting simulator available upon request.

Paladin is working with three of the nation's premiere firing range manufacturers to develop the largest state of the art indoor firing ranges in the Northeast. The Paladin Firearms Center will include a total of 4 ranges with one being the Northeast's only indoor 50 Yard elevated shooting platform.

The Paladin Firearms Center will offer the law enforcement, military and private security community 24/7 availability to the 4 indoor ranges. Range "A" being a 50 Yard Tactical Range with vehicle access giving officers the ability to shoot from a vehicle in a climate controlled environment. All the ranges will be available for night or low-light training capabilities regardless of the time of day.

On site is Danielle Masterson, our Emmy Award nominated special effects make-up artist and is trained to create robust and impressive simulation effects while retaining clinical accuracy, resulting in credible and believable simulations.

Her years of experience supporting a variety of training providers and our study of real time injuries and medical conditions gives her a unique understanding of the appearance of wounds, limb injuries, skin conditions, burns, as well as considering the mechanism of injury.

Paladin FX Lab skillfully produces and hand makes its own prosthetics ensuring they are sturdy, look and feel real, demonstrating a variety of injuries including considerable damage to a limb and the surrounding tissue, simulating bone protrusion, and tissue damage with exposed tendons and flesh. The simulation make-up effects are not only realistic, but can last a considerable length of time on the skin. They will withstand the application of treatments, casualty handling, clothing, rotational use and uncontrollable environments. Wounds can be cleaned and dressed. Sutured wounds can be applied and redressed when training wound care.

The Paladin Center is incredibly diverse and can accommodate projects both large and small. Due to the size and the amount of diverse space, costs will be calculated based on the clients individual needs.

Many more photos are available. I'm happy to email a zip drive or share via Google drive.

-Site is available for extended shoots
-Site plan available upon request
-24 hour access
-All levels of security available to insure client safety, anonymity & privacy
-Private on-demand office space available
-20,000sf available warehouse has 24' ceilings and loading docks
-480 volt power available throughout the location
-400 plus spaces available for parking
-10,000sf prop department available upon request
-Fire arms and tactical training available upon request
-FX lab on site, directed by Danielle Masterson, our Emmy Award nominated special effects make-up artist
-Freight loading docks and freight elevator
-Full commercial kitchen available to off site catering
-Site is 10 minutes from Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park. A 14,000+ acre park with incredible diversity! I have an extensive background guiding the entire park as well as the Hudson River from Newburgh, NY to Manhattan.

Paladin can provide a full complement of training aids:
Simunitions Pistols, Rifles, Conversion Kits
Airsoft Pistols, Rifles
Personal Protection Equipment
Defensive Tactics pads and equipment
Specialty equipment rentals available at discounted rates
Parking available for up to 400 vehicles, including entertainment support vehicles and trailers.
  • Basement
  • Driveway
  • Office
  • Hallways
  • Lake Nearby
  • Views
  • Roof Area w/View
  • Stairs
  • Unique Buildings on Property
  • Props
  • Gym
  • Large Kitchen
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Conference Room
  • Elevators
  • Jail Cells
  • Attic
  • Commercial Project
  • Feature Films
  • Film Shorts
  • Independent Films
  • Television Commercials
  • Television Series
  • Television Shows
  • Student Films
  • Training/Industrial Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Music Videos
  • Reality Shows
  • Web Series
  • Photography Projects

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